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Tandra Page 1562, Hot

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Mister Johnson came in laughing.

Mister Johnson was in church yesterday when he heard a member complaining about the heat. No, this was not about some problem with the church heating system. The complaint was about the outside temperature.

Now understand, in my part of the country we have had a really late Spring. Winter lasted forever this year. It’s not that Winter Weather was terribly bad. As temperatures go, Winter was fairly mild this past season. We did not even get any snow to speak of. But the weather was cold and wet. There were weeks went by when we did not see the sun. People were complaining all over about the miserable cold weather.

With the coming of a late spring, the temperature was still chilly and the rain just would not stop. Farmers could not get into the fields to plant their crops, and the crops that did get planted were drowned out before they could come up. It was only last week when outside temperatures began to warm up to where you could feel comfortable going outside in shirt sleeves. This past few days temperatures climbed into the low nineties. We can expect daytime temperatures to bump into the triple digit before the Fall Cycle comes around.

So, with only a few days past when people could walk outside and feel comfortable in shirt sleeves, Mister Johnson heard someone at church complaining about the heat outside,

Mister Johnson thought it was funny. He was reminded of an old saying;

“A bitching person is a happy person!”

Mister Johnson is of the opinion the world is filled with happy people.

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