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Tandra Page 1562, Conversion Therapy

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

The Liberal Regressive Sexual Deviate Cult is all opposed to “Conversion Therapy”. Actually, so I am informed by several sources, there is actually no such thing as true “Conversion Therapy”. (Note the quotation marks.) “Conversion Therapy” is said to be a process by which homosexuals and lesbians are forced by electronic shock treatment to return to a heterosexual life style. Generally speaking, so I am told, this process does not work. There are said to be some exceptions wherein the shock treatment does accomplish the stated objective, but the successful conversion is rare and the incidents are far between. On the other hand, the process is essentially torture for no reason and to no purpose.

But, as I said, actual Conversion Therapy is not truly practiced today and never really was to any significant degree. However, Liberal Regressive Sexual Deviates have decided that “Conversion Therapy” is now used to describe the process homosexuals and lesbians who are discontent with their deviate life styles seeking out professional counseling to help them abandon their same sex tendencies and who desire to become interested in members of the opposite sex. The Liberal Regressive Sexual Deviate Cult is utterly scandalized that unhappy and discontent homosexuals and lesbians should search for help in reversing their same sex attractions. So scandalized is the Liberal Regressive Sexual Deviate Crowd with professional counselors who seek to help the same sex attracted who come to them that they have unilaterally condemned such counselors and, in some states, made the process against the law. If you attempt to help the same sex attracted who wish to return to a normal life, the Liberal Regressive Sexual Deviate Cult denounces and hates you and passes laws to put you in jail.

But Liberal Regressive Sexual Deviates only hate Conversion Therapy if it progresses in the direction of liberating those with unwanted same sex attraction. On the other hand “Conversion Therapy” is used across the fruited plains to bring children into the deviate same sex life style. The Liberal Regressive Sexual Deviate Cult is all on board with that. When Conversion Therapy is used to initiate innocent children in government run Indoctrination Centers (known as public schools) into the same sex attraction deviate life style, The Liberal Regressive Sexual Deviate Cult celebrates with total abandon full speed twenty-four / seven all the way.

The Liberal Regressive Sexual Deviate Cult supports Conversion Therapy only when it is used to corrupt and destroy children, but oppose Conversion Therapy when employed to liberate those with same sex attraction.

The Liberal Regressive Sexual Deviate Cult bias is on full display as the sexual deviates prey on innocent children to corrupt and destroy them.

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