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Tandra Page 1562, Enshrining Mediocrity

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Mister Johnson was by for a visit and we were discussing beautiful women. Our tastes differ in details, but we generally agree that all women are beautiful when they smile. We also agree that kind and gracious women are inclined to be physically attractive while bitter and vindictive women tend to be unattractive. Physical beauty is, to a large degree, dependent upon personality. There are exceptions, of course. It is possible to find women with terrible personalities who manage to make themselves physically attractive though, after being persuaded to pass a few moments in their company, one finds he rapidly discovers he has urgent business of which he needs to attend elsewhere. And women who are not naturally blessed with a classical physical beauty of the type that happens to be in fashion in any given age, but who have a pleasant and engaging personality soon find themselves the center of interest wherever they happen to be. In such cases, though her features may not conform to the widely accepted classical standards, those around her soon find that her natural beauty forever shines through. Classical beauty may only be skin deep, but a winning personality saturates the whole person.

The same standards apply to men, I suppose, but neither Mister Johnson nor I pass an excess of time in search of physically attractive men, though we are inclined to select for friends those with pleasant personalities.

I do not remember that I have ever watched the Miss America Pageant on television. Seeing women parade around on stage in swim suits has never much appealed to me. If I wish to view women wearing a minimum of clothing, I’ll go to the local beach where the swim wear generally covers a lot less flesh.

But that was not the issue that brought up the Miss America Pageant in the conversation in which Mister Johnson and I were engaged. Mister Johnson had heard, in passing, that the Miss America Pageant Administration, those in charge of the thing, have decided, in the interest of political correctness, to re-invent the Pageant and to send it on a path toward extinction. The powers that direct a number of American Institutions appear to have fallen victim to the same derangement of mind. Mister Johnson makes observation such insanity is a sigh of the idiocy of the times.

“Speaking of liberal idiocy, the Miss America Pageant is dead. It was self-inflicted suicide. They’re even more clueless than the NFL. Miss America just announced the contest will no longer be based on beauty. They want Miss America’s crown to be based on liberal ideas like “diversity, inclusion, social causes and social impact initiatives.” No more bathing suits, no more evening gowns. Now they will wear attire that makes them “feel confident based on their personal style.”
In other words, unattractive women, comfortable shoes, pantsuits and zero sex appeal. We tried that already. Hillary lost the election.” -Wayne Root

The above is a quote I picked off the Internet this morning as I was checking out the news sites I normally frequent. I thought it was not only dead on accurate, but also funny. I hope Mister Root does not mind that I have lifted his thoughts to include in today’s observation.

And speaking of stealing the thoughts of other writers, I am again reading “The Fountainhead”, a novel released in 1943 by author Ayn Rand. There is a chapter wherein Rand exposes the soul of a collectivist. In this chapter, collectivist Ellsworth M. Toohey makes an explanation of how to rule men. Kill man’s sense of values. Kill his capacity to recognize greatness or to achieve it. Great men can’t be ruled. Collectivists don’t want any great men. Destroy greatness from within. The great is the rare, the difficult, the exceptional. Set up a standard of achievement open to all, to the least, to the most inept...and you stop the effort in all men, great or small. Don’t set out to raze all’ll frighten men. Enshrine mediocrity...and the shrines are razed!

That is the end game of the Miss America Pageant Administrators, to destroy beauty by enshrining the average and the unexceptional, by lifting to heights women willing to parrot the Liberal Regressive Agenda. It is the same path followed by the Boy Scouts and so-called Main Stream Religious Organizations, including the Southern Baptist Convention Establishment. By standing for nothing, the Scouts and many Main Stream Religious Organizations have demonstrated they are willing, nay eager, to fall for anything. Of consequence, membership in these organizations are a mere fraction of the numbers they once were. Both Southern Baptists and the Miss America Pageant have signaled they are dedicated to following the same path to irrelevance and extinction as those who have previously gone down this road to the altar of political correctness. Of course, the Pageant and Southern Baptists are thought to be radically divergent organizations, but they are both afflicted with the same terminal disease, the desire to submit their standards to the demands of the anti-American Liberal Regressive Zealots.

Never make accommodations with evil because evil always demands payment and the invoice inevitably arrives at the most inopportune time and in amounts you can ill afford!

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