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Tandra Page 1565, Baby Butchers

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

The Democrats (read that; Liberal Regressive Quislings) are all about murdering babies, particularly dark skin babies (or, in Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger’s words; “removing the human weeds”). Of course the Democrats are “equal opportunity” baby butchers, so they generously do not profile. These baby butchers will happily slaughter a baby of any pigmentation, but they generally locate their baby slaughterhouses in neighbourhoods of which dark skins (persons of colour) are concentrated. If someone who fails to bend the knee at the Liberal Regressive Altar were to target dark skin persons for extermination, that person would be branded a “Racist!” But what is labeled “Racist!” for the rest of us is commitment to rendering a public service for the Liberal Regressive Quislings.

There are, of course, Liberal Regressives who do not march under the banner of the Democrat Political Party, but they are as enthusiastic for butchering babies and “removing the human weeds” as are card carrying Democrats.

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy, a reliable supporter for the “purification of the white race” is stepping down from his seat and there is the real and present danger that President Donald J. Trump may nominate a replacement Justice who in not so enthusiastic with “removing the human weeds” and the Liberal Regressive Democrats are in a frenzy. How dare President Trump nominate a Justice that does not worship at the altar of the “purification of the white race”. President Donald J. Trump has made promise to nominate to the Supreme Court a Justice who is sworn to the protection of all life without regard for skin pigmentation. President Donald J. Trump believes the lives of dark skin babies are as valuable as are the lives of light skin babies.

This is a value the Democrats and their camp followers cannot abide. Democrats have declared that a fundamental qualification for being a member of the Democrat Party is an unwavering commitment to the slaughter of dark skin babies (as well as any pale skin babies that may happen to be caught in the net).

As for me and my house, we pray that President Donald J. Trump remains faithful to his promise to appoint Supreme Court Justices that pledge to protect the lives of all Americans of all levels of pigmentation and to refuse to target dark skin babies for extermination.

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