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Tandra Page 1566, The Party Of Hate

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

The Democrats are the party of hate. Democrats hate babies. They never saw a baby they did not wish to kill. If a baby escapes the womb, Democrats institutionalize them into day care centers and into indoctrination centers of child abuse where the State destroys the child’s mind, making of him a dysfunctional tool of the state, a mindless slave of the Beltway Cesspool with no ability to think for himself, but only able to do as his masters, the Smartest People In The Room, command.

Democrats hate America. Democrats hate America as an idea, as a nation that was founded not as an arbitrary selection of geography nor as a religious or tribal group, but was founded upon an idea, that of the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of man. Democrats hate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Democrats believe the only justified purpose of man is to die for the State, to serve the State and to find his just reward in mindless obedience to the State. Observe the products of state run indoctrination centers. These poor things pour forth from state controlled institutions with no knowledge of the world around them, no knowledge of history. Most of them cannot read nor construct a coherent sentence and math is a total mystery to them. The poor creatures do not even have the ability to look between their legs and determine if they should wear pink or if they should dress in blue. But every single child spewed forth from state run indoctrination centers knows he must look to his masters in the Beltway Cesspool for the granting of his every wish and of his every need. He may not understand if he is male or female or if he is a fence post, but he knows who is his master and he knows who is promised to provide for him and who it is he is to obey without question.

Democrats also hate Americans, that basket of unredeemable deplorables, who refuse to bend the knee to their Beltway Masters. Democrats hate Americans who are an independent lot and refuse to kiss the ring on the hand of dictators who would rule over them. Democrats so hate Americans that the Party of Hate has waged a campaign to erase all borders and flood this country with untutored savages who know nothing of liberty and independence, savages that have a history of serving without question their political masters and of depending upon masters to provide for them. Democrats loudly proclaim unconditional love for everyone who is not an American, but Democrats lie. What they wish for non-Americans is to exploit them for advantage so as to establish the Smartest People In The Room as a permanent ruling clique, after which the masters will have neither time nor interest for the non-Americans of which they have flooded this country. The poor and the outcast will have served their purpose and will no longer be of use.

Democrats hate Christians and Jews because Christians and Jews recognize a God that is in authority above the Beltway Cesspool and the Beltway Ruling Clique cannot abide a people that refuse to recognize the Smartest People In The Room as the supreme power in the universe.

With so much hate for everything good and worthwhile, one is called to wonder why it is Democrats are so obsessed with hate. And it is not only Democrats who are proponents of hate. Hatred of Americans crosses party lines. There are also Republicans who hate babies and Christians and Americans and the Constitution, though they are generally less open with proclaiming their hatred. Republicans are more likely to be closet haters proclaiming in public to love America while working in collusion with Democrats behind closed doors to fundamentally transform America into a failed Third World State.

And why are these people so consumed with hatred?

It is ultimately because they hate themselves. They have looked into a mirror and seen an utterly repulsive and degenerate thing that has betrayed everything for which a man should stand. When the choice came to him that he should be a man or be a parasite living off the virtue and abilities of his fellow man, this degenerate chose to become a blood sucking parasite.

These parasites have no love for life. They factually have not the capacity for love because to love others you must first love yourself. What these parasites love first is death. They worship death, but not just death for themselves. They long for the death of all humankind. They are like Fidel Castro who made claim his hatred of the United States was such that he would see Cuba fundamentally transformed into a burned out cinder if only he could know the United States was destroyed.

Do not delude yourself that you can somehow find a way to appease the Party of Hate. There is nothing you can do that will give them reason to stop working for your destruction because the only finality they have for you is to see you dead.

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