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Tandra Page 1566, Wonder Woman Visits Children

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I’ve made no secret that I am a huge fan of Israeli Actress Gal Gadot who portrays the DC comic book superhero Wonder Woman on the Big Screen. I’ve never made claim that I have much interest in the DC character as such. I bought a few Wonder Woman comic books back in the day and was not over much impressed. Back then Wonder Woman appeared to be nothing but a female version of Superman complete with secret identity wearing glasses so no one would recognize her (Hey, it worked for Clark Kent.), a male Lois Lane to give Wonder Woman someone to rescue from peril and an invisible jet plane to give her the ability to fly.

I was not impressed. Wonder Woman appeared to be a concept cobbled together to grab the female market because, in those days, girls mostly did not buy comic books. Only boys, mostly ages eight through twelve, wasted time with comic books. By the time boys turned twelve they were discovering girls and becoming generally disenchanted with comic books.

Wonder Woman had a few seasons on television, but I did not watch.

By the time the Batman/Superman movie hit the screen, I was heavily into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and was curious to see what DC would do. The general opinion was the only thing that made Batman/Superman endurable was the ten minutes or so wherein Wonder Woman was on screen, and Wonder Woman was portrayed by Israeli Actress Gal Gadot.

I was in love!

The Wonder Woman feature in which Wonder Woman was the stand alone star was a financial and artistic blockbuster. I must have sat through it a dozen times at the theatre. When the DVD came out I bought it and watched Wonder Woman again numerous times.

Justice League came out next and, while Wonder Woman (again portrayed by Gal Gadot) was part of the cast, she was only one of some half dozen DC Superheroes, most of whom I can’t remember their names a year later. If I want to watch Wonder Woman, I watch the film in which she is the central star, not a movie in which she shares billing with washed out wanna bees and forgettable never have were characters in long underwear.

Meantime, my interest in Marvel had crashes and burned when Marvel launched their campaign to make the world safe for child sex traffickers.

So now the news is that Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is in Washington making the next Wonder Woman feature and Gal takes time out to visit Inova Children’s Hospital in Falls Church VA while all dressed in her Wonder Woman costume. The kids and staff were thrilled.

Meantime, Marvel’s Chris Hemsworth is passing his leisure time making appearances is grade schools to recruit young children for the deviant sexual agenda where filthy old men engage young boys and girls for sexual exploitation and where Sexually Transmitted Disease infection is through the roof!

I am certain there are as many depraved sexual predators infecting Warner Brothers, the company that distributes the DC Comics movies, as there are at Marvel Studios but, to date, I have not seen any promotions from Warner Brothers advancing the embrace of sexual depravity for grade school kids and I have not seen Gal Gadot promoting young girls to the Lesbian life style.

While I have lost completely any interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I remain a devoted fan of Wonder Woman as portrayed by Gal Gadot. I can hardly wait to see the next Wonder Woman release scheduled for next year.

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