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Tandra Page 1566, A Passion For Hate

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!” That is not precisely the quote directly, but close enough for this observation.

In any case, I have long held that the power corrupts quote is not accurate, does not point to the core of the issue. My contention is, and has been for years, that people who seek power do so because they are corrupted already.

“Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct.” -Thomas Jefferson.

That quote from Thomas Jefferson comes closer to the truth.

Today we in this United States are awash with those corrupted by a rottenness of character who seek power to rule over us in all ways down to giving us restrictions that demand we must humbly request permission from some hack bureaucrat before we are allowed to use the rest room. What? You make claim there is no such law on the books! You may be certain that, though such a regulation is a bridge too far for American Society today, such a law will be proposed within the near future and ruled to be constitutional by some lap dog activist federal judge. When that day comes and that law comes down by way of our masters from on high, remember that you read it here first.

Of course it is the would be masters, those with an obsession to rule every facet of our lives including when and if we are allowed to use the rest room, who hate America and Americans with a purple passion. And, quite naturally, they hate the Constitution as written because the US Constitution, above all else, is a document that places limits upon what our masters may do to us. The Constitution forbids our masters from regulating our rest room usage as it forbids the Ruling Caste from regulating what we may do with a pond of water on our property and forbids deciding for us the manner in which we may construct our homes and makes no claim that Beltway Cesspool Morons are allowed to set the terms for marriage.

But the Ruling Caste who, beyond all else, are obsessed with power and crave the complete and unlimited license to rule over men have decided that a “Living Constitution”, meaning a document that can be twisted and distorted to grant to the Cesspool whatever the Ruling Caste so wishes, grants them any and all powers they demand. If the Ruling Caste cannot grab the power they crave from citizen Americans who show reluctance to be fundamentally transformed into bonded serfs, then our would be masters are committed to opening the borders and bringing in all manner of persons from Third World Hell Holes who are predisposed by culture and upbringing to a Ruling Caste that sets down rules and laws to micro-manage every facet of their lives, including their visits to the rest room.

And it matters not to the Ruling Caste that numbers of the Unregistered Democrat Voters they import into this country are murderers and rapists and drug dealers and gang members who are a direct threat to the lives and safety of American Citizens. If a number of the imported and unregistered Democrat Voters happen to rob and murder American Citizens, so much the better. A dead American is one less voter to oppose the Ruling Caste and its totalitarian agenda at the polls.

That’s the degree of passion with which those who would rule over us hate America and hate Americans.

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