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Tandra Page 1570, Child Sex

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

There is now no legal age of consent for sex with children in France, as reported on the Internet this week. This means, if you are a filthy old man who dreams of bedding a young girl who is still sucking at her mother’s breast (to use the Muslim reference), you can do so in France with no legal consequences. The call has gone out that all sexual deviates who wish to de-flower pre-school girls should immediately immigrate to France. Though it was not mentioned in the news report, the same law probably applies to young boys. This report was headed by a photograph of a girl who looked to be about six or seven years of age and was mainly concerned with young girls and the lifting of restrictions concerning legal age of consent for them, but no specific mention was made of this liberating new law having exclusive application for girls. There is no reason to believe that young boys are not also targeted by this liberating new law allowing for sex with anything that walks on two legs at whatever age the perpetrator wishes.

And, of course, the aggressor must not necessarily be male. That would not be all inclusive. Again, while the report did not make the specific case, there is no reason to believe that female teachers, nor women in any position, are restricted from having sex with their charges of whichever age interests them.

There are, however, still some restrictions in place. The authorities still frown on brute force and on deception when seducing the target of one’s lust. No matter the moral depravity to which the legal authorities to a nation plunge, a country must still retain some minimum level of moral standards, doncha know? If the child victim can prove she/he was attacked or tricked into having sex with the older predator, then there may be a token slap on the wrist for the offender, just possibly.

Things are hardly better on this side of the pond. As I write this, there are members of the sexual deviancy clique who are pushing the same standards as those now held in France. The claim is that they were born with a lust for underage victims and it is unconstitutional to forbid them from targeting the sex partners of their choice. Considering that the Quisling Class has long held claim that the United States Constitution is a “living document” made of silly putty and can be stretched and twisted to say whatever the sexually depraved wish it to say on any given day while, of course, saying the precise opposite upon the day following, it follows as night follows day, that there will sooner rather than later be a push for a France copy cat sexual deviancy law passed in this nation. Actually, considering the preferred legal path of the Liberal Quisling Sexually Depraved, it is more probable the new laws for sexual depravity will be handed down by tame judges from one of our out of control Federal Courts.

If you believe what has happened in France can never happen in the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free, you have not been paying attention. What has come to pass in France is coming here and your children are at risk and you can take that to the bank!

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