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Tandra Page 1570, Compromised Christians

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

It is reported yesterday that billboards showing Evangelist Greg Laurie holding up a Bible and advertising the Harvest Christian Fellowship event were taken down. It was reported that certain group spokes persons had their Safe Spaces violated by the image of a Bible on the billboard. First the Bible was removed to appease the fragile sensibilities of the offended, but that was not enough. Eventually the billboards were removed all together.

A representative for Harvest Christian Fellowship insisted he did not believe the imagery on the billboards was all that offensive. In fact, the “Bible” portrayed on the billboard was only a black book. At no place on the billboard did the word “Bible” actually appear. Apparently the Harvest Christian Fellowship set out from the beginning to be certain no one was given cause to be offended. The intent was, from evidence on the ground, to have the Christian Message so watered down and diluted that no one would notice the billboard was promoting a Christian event.

And how did that go down?

Wobbly Christians appear to day to be the norm rather than the exception. The world is going to hell in a hand car and Christians are hiding in the shadows speaking in apologetic whispers for fear they will talk loud enough for someone to hear them and, as a consequence, get off the hell bound express. Christians are over much concerned with being nice and with not rocking the boat and not making waves.

When a high school coach was fired for praying after football games on the abandoned field, Christian mouth pieces rushed to explain to everyone that the coach was praying silently so he would not accidentally be overheard and that those players who joined him did so of their own free choice and not because the coach dared to invade their safe spaces and invite them to join him in praying to the Lord.

Jesus, who Christians make claim to follow in deed and example, was not over much polite and did not hide his ministry in secret. Jesus did not sneak about in the shadows and preach in secret. Jesus’ ministry was a public in your face affair with large crowds following Him wherever He went. Jesus did not always speak in polite terms. He called religious leaders of his day a Generation of Vipers and physically assaulted money changers, driving them from the Temple. Jesus admonished his followers to sell their cloaks and buy a sword. It is remembered that Jesus chastised Peter for using his sword on the night of Jesus’ arrest, but Jesus was admonishing Peter for using the sword unwisely and against impossible odds. Had Peter continued his attack, he would undoubtedly have been slain. Rather than condemning Peter, Jesus was preserving his life.

Wobbly Christians today are over much concerned with being cronies with the enemies of Jesus and with being invited to the best cocktail parties given by the followers of the Dark One. Of consequence, Christians are over much invested with being nice when they should be warriors for The Christ.

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