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Tandra Page 1575, Submission

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Yesterday was the seventeenth anniversary of the attack by a division of the Saudi Regime against America and Americans and of, essentially, the very concept of America as Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. There were celebrations and memorials all across the fruited plains, but what I heard from those making speeches was all about a terrible event and about how America was brought to its knees and about sad remembrance of those who died and how tragedy brought us together. No place did I hear anyone calling for a crusade to defeat the enemy that attacked us and to bring that enemy to a state wherein they would come to the table and beg to agree to an unconditional surrender. No one, that I heard, dared mention we might even have an enemy that is sworn to totally destroy us. It was as though the Twin Towers somehow fell by way of faulty construction or some other natural cause and the Pentagon was damaged by some unknown force. Saudi Regime? What’s that? Muslims? Who are they?

That was not the way of things back on December 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour. When the Japanese Regime attacked and 2335 Americans were killed and 1143 were wounded, the next day then President Franklin Roosevelt went before Congress and asked for a declaration of war and, by September 2, 1945, World War II was ended, Germany and Japan were defeated.

Seventeen years after the attack by agents of the Saudi Regime, the enemy that took down the Twin Towers and caused major damage to the Pentagon, is still fat and happy, still committed to the supremacy of Islam over all other religions and still an officially recognized ally of the Beltway Regime. The Arabs have paid nothing for the death and destruction they caused in this country and to the American People. In fact, no American official has even admitted that we might have an enemy.

Apologists for the Saudis make claim that only a few radicals in the Muslim World have made effort to cause us harm, that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and have no mind to destroy America.

While that may well be true, the fact is that every Muslim subscribes to an ideology that demands its adherents take up arms and fight the Infidel until everyone in the world worships Allah and Allah rules supreme. Islam, specifically demands the submission of American to Islam and the total destruction of our form of government.

On the seventeenth anniversary of Nine/eleven, the Beltway Regime still has not recognized that this nation has an enemy determined to bring us down and destroy us.

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