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Tandra Page 1575, Sell-By Date

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Pity the poor Lightbringer. He read a speech late last week containing the usual Obama Boilerplate Material before an audience of a venue with a 5000 seat capacity. I’ve heard snippets from Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama’s speech, along with audience reaction. Obviously these 750 people who attended the Lightbringer’s event were devoted disciples. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama is their messiah! Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama is the center of their universe. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama promised them everything for which they could ever hope. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama was the Word come down from On High in the flesh.

What I heard from the audio snippets of Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama’s speech was polite applause and token laughter for his exhibitions of wit. Something was missing, the Obama Magic was gone!

The sad fact appears to be that the Lightbringer, the Beltway Messiah, the Chicago Moses, the Black Jesus, the One upon whom Liberal Regressives did in past times hang their hopes and dreams has faded to become yesterday’s news. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama is a once popular rock star long past his prime who has declined into oblivion. Whereas Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama was, in his day, the icon of Hope and Change, the Lightbringer has been fundamentally transformed into a wooden member of the stodgy Liberal Regressive Establishment. Where Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama once sold out stadiums, the Obama Dog and Pony Show is now only good for half empty supper clubs. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama has lost his magic.

Where once Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama was cutting edge Socialism/Communism, he is now the ghost of times past.

A new generation of Communist agitators have come to grab the spotlight in which Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama once stood and called for the fundamental transformation of America into a socialist slave state. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama has been replaced by new stars in the Communist Universe, rabid revolutionaries that make Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama’s Socialist/Communist agenda look, by comparison, like out dated buggy whips and high button shoes.

Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama has long passed his sell-by date. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama is ready for consignment to the Bargain Basement Clearance Sale Department.

Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama has been replaced by rabid young Communist Revolutionaries who would make Joseph Stalin, Mao tse-Tung and Pol Pot appear Sunday School Picnic Organizers by comparison. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama is yesterday’s news, television summer re-runs, stale fish to be replaced by new kids on the block, bloody would be butchers who dream to make American City Streets run red with rivers of blood should they ever seize power and will pile high mountains of corpses, because it is truly death they worship. They hate liberty and they hate humanity and they hate, most of all, themselves.

Don’t think you can go along with them to get along. Their agenda is death. They do not wish to live; they wish for you to die! If and when these amoral monsters succeed in grasping power, you will see destruction in this country that will make you long to be in North Korea, Venezuela or Castro’s Cuba.

The day of the Communist Butchers is on the horizon and it is coming to a neighbourhood near you with the speed of a runaway freight train.

You are warned.

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