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Tandra Page 1579, About Page 447

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Question; “What is the first thing you would do if you ruled the world?”

Answer; “I would abdicate.”

I have never been afflicted with the power lust that consumes most of human kind. It is not a case of my moral superiority. It is not that I secretly lust to rule, but that I refuse because of ethical concerns. I simply have not the desire. I have no ambition to rule. I never have. The very idea, to me, of sitting a throne and wearing a crown appears to be burdensome and repulsive. I want none of it!

The first leader of men that I portrayed in the Tandra Story was an evil old man insecure in his power. Another self-identified leader murdered him. Though the murderer was friend to my hero, this new self chosen leader was no better than the chief he replaced. He simply had different interests.

The first monarch to rule a city that I introduced was a corrupt dictator who thought himself a god and ruled by imperial decree. His only interest was in holding and increasing his own power.

The princess I introduced on Tandra Page 146 was a sympathetic character who had been taken by slavers and sold on the market. She was rescued by Javilus, my Golden Warrior hero, and was under his protection until she was returned to her family who ruled her home city. On Tandra Page 180 she called Javilus into her royal chambers and gave a speech in which she condemned the rules and restrictions placed upon those foolish enough to seek power over men. In effect, she made the claim that those who seek to rule men must hold to the standards that insure the loyalty of those they rule and are, factually, slaves of slaves.

Finally, on Tandra Page 447, which has had colour added and is now available for access in the Tandra Collection of the Exclusive Tandra Brigade Members Section, I made explicit in the words from protagonist David Galon’s mouth that Galon, like me, has no interest in the power to rule men.

“I would not know how to go about being king,” said Galon, “But more important, I am not interested. I have no desire to rule men!”

And that quality sets Galon apart from many of the other characters portrayed in Tandra. Even those who have no opportunity to sit the throne would grasp the opportunity with an eagerness of purpose if it came their way. The fact that Galon has no desire to rule, in fact finds the very idea repulsive, sets him apart from most of the characters of Tandra...sets him apart from the vast majority of humankind on this world!

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