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Tandra Page 1583, Lipstick For The Pig

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

The fundamental transformation of America continues apace. Yesterday, Mid-term Election Day, the Democrats, the Party of Deception and Death, were returned to control of the House of Representatives. Today there are all sorts of excuses and explanations of why this is not a disaster for the nation and numerous reasons brought up as to how this could be a positive development for President Donald J. Trump’s re-election in 2020.

All this is nothing more than putting lipstick on the pig and taking it to the high school dance while attempting to pass the pig off as the Class Beauty Queen.

Some have made the reasonable observation that a Democrat controlled Congress is in no essential way different from the previous Congress in which Republicans were in control. Nothing gets done to carry forth President Trump’s agenda in either case, so the Democrat controlled House is factually nothing that should concern us. More to the point, the legislation the Republican Controlled House did actually pass on was, for the most part, legislation in compliance with Democrat Objectives. How precisely will things be different over the next two years? The case is made that voters chose Democrats because, in the previous two years, Republicans have conducted themselves so much like Democrats that voters decided if faux-Democrats were deciding policy for the House, voters may as well put in control of the House the real deal rather than pale imitations.

How things will be different over the next two years is that Americans can say good-bye to the second wave of tax cuts promised by President Donald J. Trump and the Democrats have sworn to roll back the first set of Tax Cuts passed by the Republican Congress. There are signs already, the next day after the election, that business leaders are taking a hard and objective look at any plans they have to expand and add more workers. There will be no Wall along the Southern Border. Planned Parenthood will flourish. Men will continue to frequent women’s rest rooms, terrorizing little girls, and children will be instructed in public schools that they can decide to be either male or female or a frog, whichever appeals to them on a given day. The country will continue on fast track to Hell In A Hand Basket.

Some apologists have made claim it is a good thing for 2020 to have Democrats on full delusional display in the House for the next two years because that will strengthen American’s resolve to kick them out in the next election. Are they kidding? Pushing for a complete erasure of the Southern border, Democrats are planning to flood this country with caravan after caravan of undocumented Democrat voters who will reliably keep Democrats in power forever. There will be no wall and Congress will forbid funding for the Military to guard the borders. Non-citizens will flood in and Democrats will reward them with unlimited freebies in return for Democrat votes.

By the time the 2020 Presidential Elections arrive, the Socialist Communist Democrats will have imported a super majority of non-citizen voters and provided them with license to vote early and often so that Democrats will be able to install any Party Boss they like into the Oval Office. The Mid-term Election of 2018 is the last semi-fair election Americans will see of which the final tally is not pre-determined by the Party of Deception and Death.

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