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Tandra Page 1583, Agenda

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

The self-identified Political “Conservatives” are still in a panic over the election results from Tuesday. Why these people call themselves “Conservative” is beyond me. “Conservative” is by definition a defensive position. A “Conservative” is merely “holding the hill”. General George S. Patton famously said, “I don’t want any messages from the front saying ‘We are holding onto our position!’ We are not holding onto anything. We are advancing constantly!” “Conservative” is not an ideology of advancement. “Conservative” is an ideology of defense and no war was ever won by defense. Defense is a losing strategy and defense characterizes the strategy of self-identified Political “Conservatives” which explains all we need to know about why, in general, “Conservatives” are in full retreat today and why, in particular, “Conservatives” lost the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Liberal Regressives have, by contrast, taken to heart the admonition of General George S. Patton; Liberal Regressives are not holding onto anything. The are advancing constantly!

Meantime, “Conservatives” are not simply in retreat; they are in rout mode, an absolute panic throwing down of arms and running all out for all thy are worth, stopping only to explain to the cameras that they are actually achieving victory as they hunt desperately for a cave into which they can cower or a rock under which to hide. No matter how they wish to spin their position, “Conservatives” are not winning the day; “Conservatives” are winning nothing as they wait to be rounded up and marched into box cars and delivered to concentration camps where they will stand for their turn at the gas chambers.

The name by which a political ideology chooses to identify itself does not guarantee the final outcome of the conflict, but it gives a good indication of the chosen strategy and defense is not a winning strategy.

“Conservative” mouthpieces constantly proclaim that Liberal Regressives have no agenda. Are these people blind? Liberal Regressives have a very explicit and well defined agenda; the fundamental transformation of this country into a Socialist/Communist Slave State in which the chosen elite hold absolute and unchallenged arbitrary and capricious power. The Liberal Regressives have explained their agenda in detail to us time after time without end, but “Conservatives” continue to proclaim that retreat is victory and that Liberal Regressives have no agenda.

Will “Conservatives” finally be forced to admit that Liberal Regressives do indeed have an agenda and they are advancing constantly as self-identified “Conservatives” line up at the doorway of the gas chambers, march in and hear the click of the lock as the door slams shut behind them, the last sound they will hear in this life?

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