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Tandra Page 1587, Tin Gods

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I thought I was through with Former President George H. W, Bush, but yesterday the news was wall-to-wall coverage of what a wonderful person he was and how he was such a wonderful President. It is polite custom to not speak ill of the dead, but neither are you required to make of them little tin gods.

My memories of George H. W. Bush are of his New World Order wherein he expected to give the orders and the rest of us were expected to obey without question. As I observed specifically on Saturday, Former President George Herbert Walker Bush was of the opinion that the United Nations is destined to rule the world and Former President Bush and his cronies were destined to rule the United Nations. This was a man who would be king with no restraints nor limitations on his capricious and arbitrary power. Sorry, but I have some difficulty in remembering fondly a man possessed by the lust to rule.

Obviously Former President George Herbert Walker Bush’s dreams of absolute and total power eventually came a cropper. Now, after much fanfare, he is being transported to Texas where his kingdom will be limited to a small plot of ground some six feet in depth. Such is the eventual fate of all would be kings and dictators.

But never you fear. Would-be World Emperor George H. W. Bush is replaced by a long queue of power lusters eager to step into his shoes and fill his space. The world has never had a shortage of men, and women, eager to rule other men. The lust for power is a universal virus that appears to infect most of mankind.

Strangely enough, I am an exception. I have never been infected with the vicious virus that causes humankind to wish to rule. My rejection of the lust for power has nothing to do with any superior virtue. I simply have no wish to rule over other people. Ruling others does not appear to me to be worth the effort; not enough bang for the buck, as the saying goes.

I have no desire to pass my time delivering orders to underlings as to how to live their lives in pretty much the same way that I have no wish for a staff of artists and colourists to produce my Tandra Pages. I prefer to do it myself. No matter how great the finished Tandra Page produced by a staff of over-qualified hacks, even if it looks better than anything I might draw, that page would not be mine. Even had I directed someone to attach my signature to the page, I could not look at it with pride and convince myself it was a product of my own skills. The page would be a fraud and would condemn me as a fake each time I glanced at it. The time would quickly come when I could not bear to look at a Tandra Page and the time would soon follow when I would hate the very concept of Tandra.

I have no wish to direct other people in the trajectory of their lives, and I have only contempt for men who are consumed by the lust to do so.

That is the reason I do not praise the memory of Former President George Herbert Walker Bush. Small minded would-be monarchs of his kind are a dime per dozen and the void left by his passing is quickly filled by others consumed with the same power lust that infected Former President George Herbert Walker Bush.

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