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Tandra Page 1592, Apple Drop

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Apple is in the news again.

This time because of a sharp decline in Apple Stock. Now we all understand that stocks go up and stocks go down. Conventional wisdom has it that, while stocks go up and down, over the long haul the trend is up. If you buy stock today, the bottom may fall out tomorrow, but if you hang onto that stock for ten years, you will receive a substantial gain on your investment. How that works in conjunction with inflation, I’m not sure. Certainly you may make a numerical increase in your money but will the larger dollar count ten years down the road still purchase the same product or service it did when you invested it in stock? That is, your dollars may be in higher numbers, but will the higher numbers offset the decline in the value of those dollars?

It’s not an issue that much interests me personally because I do not buy stocks. If I wish to see my money vanish I’ll simply flush dollars down the toilet and avoid the broker fees.

Neither do I have an Apple iPhone. In fact I do not have a Smart Phone of any sort. I don’t wish a technological device in my pocket that makes it convenient for some tech company to track my every move. I don’t wish some idiot bureaucrat to know every time I go to the potty.

That said, I heard a report yesterday as concerns the drop in Apple Stock that suggested the reason for the decline is that people have stopped buying Apple iPhones because they have decided they do not need a new device every time Apple puts out an up-grade, and that may be true. Smart phones have become a wonder of technology. They come with voice control, a button that switches on and off the lights in your house, technology that cooks your dinner and makes your bed and an Olympic size swimming pool...but you still can’t dial up your next door neighbour and talk to him of weather conditions are not perfect or if the tower is too far distant.

So I don’t have one.

But there might be another reason for the decline in sale of Apple Phones.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently made a big splash with his public announcement to push the sexual deviancy agenda full force and to ban anyone from the Apple Platform who is not all in with the sexual deviancy agenda and with spreading sexually transmitted disease. Now that announcement may have found favour with sexual deviants and with people far too dumb to glance between their legs and decide if they should wear pink or if they should dress in blue. But those people are a very tiny slice of the Apple iPhone market share.

Might it not be that Apple CEO Tim Cook shot Apple in the foot when he decided to insult and ridicule the vast majority of Apple’s Customer Base and that is the reason Apple Sales have taken a nose dive?

Just askin”.

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