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Tandra Page 1592, Crisis

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, speaking from comfort and safety behind the wall surrounding her private estate, “ There is no crisis at the Southern Border. The fanciful claim of such is nothing more than a bald-faced lie invented by President Donald J. Trump in an attempt to fulfill a frivolous campaign promise he made to get himself elected and every true politician knows that campaign promises are what candidates for office make to get votes and then forget about once they step into office. The mere fact that President Donald J. Trump is making an attempt to build The Wall as he promised, to keep the campaign pledge he made and that won for him the election, proves he is not fit to sit in the Oval Office!”

“Walls are immoral!” insists House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from the safety provided her by the wall surrounding her private estate and the armed guards who stand to enforce the protection to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and hers!

“There is no crisis on the Southern Border!” repeats House Speaker from her high dollar vacation retreat in Hawaii and, insofar as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is concerned, that is true. Americans being routinely slaughtered by future Democrat Voters crossing the Southern Border in violation of law is not a crisis. Why would murdering Americans constitute a crisis in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s mind? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stands full behind Murder Incorporated Planned Parenthood that has slaughtered over seventy million babies, a large percentage of them black (the primary Democrat Voter base), since Roe v Wade was ruled by nine judges in black dresses making baby slaughter the “Law Of The Land”. In fact, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s very first piece of legislation rushed through the House of Representatives this month included funds for Murder Incorporated Planned Parenthood. Illegal drugs pouring across the Southern Border that cause the deaths of more than 72,000 Americans annually is not a crisis for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. As above, the death of Americans is not a crisis for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Infectious and deadly exotic diseases, many of which we have not previously encountered in this country and for which we have no effective treatment, flowing freely across the Southern Border and infecting Americans is not a crisis for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. American Lives are of no consequence to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in any case, unless a specific death can be used to advance the Liberal Regressive lust for power. Illegal Alien Imports (Undocumented Democrat Voters) crossing the Southern Border and demanding free medical care and requiring the services of doctors and medical personnel that are already stretched beyond capacity in caring for our own citizens (Obamacare has seen to that) is not a crisis for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not give a rubber rat’s rear for the health and welfare of legal citizens of her own country.

When citizens of the United States die from criminal action by illegal imports, by illicit drugs flowing freely over the Southern Border, by deadly and exotic diseases imported by unregistered Democrat voters pouring across the Southern Border, it is not a crisis in the mind of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Liberal Regressive colleagues of the Party of Death and Treason. The deaths of legal citizens of these United States has the advantage for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of opening up more space for imported undocumented Democrat voters and securing for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Liberal Regressive Clique their perpetual lock on power.

“Power is everything, anything else is simply a means to power.” -Political Pundit

So you see, insofar as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is concerned, everything is proceeding in accord with the Liberal Regressive Agenda and there is no crisis on the Southern Border.

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