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Tandra Page 1592, White Flag

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

We know that Islam was cobbled together in the years around and including 700 AD by scribe Hajjij ibn Yusuf during the reign of caliph Abd al-Malik (685 to 705) in accordance with the caliph’s command. This is documented history. The myth of a fabricated Muhammad going to a cave where the Jewish Angel Gabriel gave forth the Quran word for word, a dictation Muhammad committed to memory and repeated with unerring accuracy after only one hearing until the whole of the thing was written down by a scribe is total and absolute fantasy. The claim that not one word of the Quran has been revised or altered since the thing was dictated to the fanciful Muhammad is also a stretch of the myth. Several versions of the Quran are in evidence today from various sources.

Verified facts are that the direct and perfect words of Allah as dictated to Muhammad (truthfully as cobbled together and written down by Hajjij ibn Yusuf) are corrupted Christian Hymns, Arabic Myths and tribal traditions, hardly the un-erring word direct from Allah coming by way of the angel Gabriel.

So what is the purpose of Islam? What is the driving motive behind the fabrication of this vile and corrupt ideology?

Islam was created for the precise purpose of opposing and destroying Christianity!

In 700 AD the Arab Empire was on the rise, sweeping across North Africa and up into Europe. But with growing power was coming corruption and disunity of purpose as various war lords sought to take numerous conquered provinces under their own control and for their own purposes. The new empire was in danger of splitting into warring factions even while still in infancy.

Rome, in decline and split into two sections, East and West, had made attempt to slow the rapid decay of the Empire by embracing Christianity and making of it a State Religion for the purpose of giving Rome a unifying moral base. For the Caliphs in Persia this seemed a good idea and they set about to fabricate a unifying religion of their own. Islam was created as Christianity on steroids and with a military imperative. Islam is all about conquest. Muhammad is a warrior prophet. The perfect Soldier of Allah is the warrior who dies in the process of destroying the enemy. The moral standards of Islam are pretty much the Persian traditions of the day; women are property, deceit is a virtue and theft is to advantage. And each of these Persian traditions are made claim as the next step and improvement over Christianity. The Jews and Christians had it all wrong. Allah reveals in the Quran that everything that marks the moral code of Christians and Jews is in direct opposition to the true commands of Allah (God) as revealed to the fictional Muhammad and documented by scribe Hajjij ibn Yusuf.

Islam has been wildly successful when it has come against Christians of weak faith and compromised morals. Islam found it a simple matter to sweep across North Africa where Christianity as defined by Rome has little conviction in the minds of the people. Better to convert to Islam with a sword at your neck than to stand for the Roman variant of Christianity when Roman authorities were hundreds of miles away and the Soldier of Allah stood inches away with a bloody sword raised over you. For most people it was no contest.

When Islam came upon Christians in Europe who also held swords and fought back the invaders, Islam retreated and began the process of decay. Islam, like all totalitarian ideologies, can only thrive when there are victims to loot and exploit. Remove the victims and totalitarian ideology withers.

Now, in our age, Christian Civilization has abandoned its conviction and Islam is again on the rise. Europe has run up the White Flag and the continent is being fundamentally transformed into Europistan. And the United States is not far behind as Christians in this country abandon their convictions in favour of the Liberal Regressive Agenda. Nature abhors a vacuum. When a nation rejects its adherence to Christian Belief, the ideology of evil rushes in to fill the void. Churches in these United States are closing their doors and running up the White Flag and Islam is flooding in to become the de-facto State Religion. Liberal Regressives are all in with the advance of Islam because they so hate The Christ and will so make alliance with any ideology that rejects Christian Conviction and promises the Liberal Regressives the power they crave.

Islam and Liberal Regressivism are ideologies that make false promises backed by very real threats, yet useful idiots believe the false promises and disbelieve the bloody threats. By the time it is made plain the totalitarians never meant to keep their false promises it will be too late to avoid the bloody consequences of their very real threats.

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