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Tandra Page 1597, February 10, 2019

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This observation is titled; THE GLOVES ARE OFF

The times of deception and subterfuge are behind us. The Party of the fundamental transformation of America, the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party, has long pretended its policies are about preserving the “rights of the little guy” and protecting “ordinary Americans” from the predatory practices of Big Business.

Those days are long gone now. The gloves are off.

This past week, in the State Of The Union Speech, President Donald J. Trump called out the Party of Death and Deception and proclaimed this country will never be a Socialist(Communist) nation. The National Socialist Democrat Workers Party responded by calling for a totalitarian agenda that will make slaves of every American under a totalitarian agenda that makes Venezuela appear, by comparison, to be an icon of personal liberty and free will.

The National Socialist Democrat Workers Party announced a policy that will put every American on the dole from his masters in the Beltway Cesspool. Because every American’s survival depends upon his allotment from this totalitarian regime, his every thought and action is determined by totalitarian directive, else his funds for survival are terminated. In short, the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party has announced plans to own Americans like unto chattel slaves.

The policy of the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party is also to fundamentally transform every structure in the United States into a “Green Compliant Structure” and to force Americans into those structures. Because “Green Energy” is so inconsistent and unreliable, vast numbers of Americans will freeze in our frigid Winters while others will swelter from the excessive of the Summer months. Do you think the Party of Death and Deception will be concerned over the deaths caused by “Green Policies”? The National Socialist Democrat Workers Party is obviously not overly concerned by the slaughter of seventy million babies since Roe v. Wade became policy. Why then would the Party of Death and Deception be concerned for the deaths that result from their “Green Agenda”?

And, speaking of mass murder, as World War II wound down and it became clear the Nazis would go down to defeat, the Nazi Butchers doubled down on their campaign to murder as many Jews as possible before the end came! In the same manner, with the survival of legal Baby Slaughter in these United States now in doubt (President Donald J. Trump called for Congress to pass laws criminalizing the murder of children.), the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party in several states has doubled down to pass laws that expedite the slaughter of as many babies as possible before child murder becomes violation of the Law of the Land!

Numerous persons have complained when the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America is made to compare with the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany. These persons insist such comparison is unfair. But when it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, acts like a duck, quacks like a’ve got yourself a duck!

The gloves are off and the choice is clear. Americans will choose the dictatorial tyranny of the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party or we will choose Liberty.

Compromise is not an option!

When moral standards are cast aside, anything goes; murder, confiscation, slavery, the whole of the Socialist Utopia Agenda. -Lady Liberty

“If you would choose to not believe Liberal Regressive threats, why the hell would you wish to believe Liberal Regressive promises?” -American Patriot

Next Week; The face of a deceiver! Don’t fail to read Tandra Page 1598. Check in beginning Monday, February11, 2019. Experience the continuing story updated every day at

“Even God can’t please everyone, so I don’t try very hard.” - traditional


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