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Tandra Page 1601, Call Your Congressman!

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

On Thursday, twelve Republicans voted in lock step with the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America in favour of free flow and unrestricted immigration, non-existent national borders, the unlimited flow of illegal and deadly drugs, human sex trafficking, the import of violent criminals and gang members along with deadly and exotic diseases. This was not a vote primarily against President Donald J. Trump. This vote was, at root, a vote against the American People and a vote to dissolve the United States as a sovereign nation.

This was a vote to fundamentally transform this country into Venezuela. No Senator voted in all innocence. These people voted deliberately and with full intent to dismantle the United States because they so hate this country as founded. They hate this country because our founding documents declare that all men are created equal under the law; not that some men (them) are born to rule while others (the rest of us) are born to serve!

The essential problem with representative government is that those represented soon come to be the most venal and corrupt in the country. While the vote yesterday was being set up, so called political conservative talking heads were demanding listeners phone their Senators to insist they support the building of the Wall. Give that a bit of thought for a moment. Say I phone my politician and demand he vote to protect America and Americans from real and present danger because I cast one vote for him. Suppose a corporation CEO who routinely donates $200,000 to his re-election campaign phones the same politician and demands the continued free flow of cheap labour into this country for possible employment in his factories and sweat shops. Give an off the top of your head guess as to which caller will be given a recording on an answering machine and as to which caller the politician will talk with live!

Or, say in example, suppose the politician I phone to happens to be member of the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America and I ask him to support building a wall. On the other hand this politician is looking at hundreds of thousands of undocumented Democrat voters flooding across the open border. Do you seriously suppose this member of the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party will for a moment consider voting to cut off the supply of undocumented voters who will guarantee his seat in Congress? Get real!

That is the reason a dozen Republicans voted with the Party of Death and Deception to keep the Southern Border open. These people care absolutely nothing about the lives and property of the American People. They care about personal power and about nothing else!

That is who they are; that is what they do!

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