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Tandra Page 1605, Wicked Witch Of The Left

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Ya gotta feel sorry for Hillary, Wicked Witch Of The Left, Clinton. The woman, along with her hapless political crony Bubba, was at the center of virtually every political corruption scandal, every act of treason, every process of political money laundering, every betrayal of the American People for over half a century. The woman has an unquenchable lust for power that drives her ever onward. “Power is everything,” is Hillary Clinton’s motto, “anything else is simply a means to power.”

Hillary saw in Bubba Clinton a not very bright Southern politician she could use to advance her own personal ambitions for wealth and power. The plan was to motivate and ride his coat tails into the Presidential Palace and then, after Bubba’s term was up, to inherit the Oval Office herself.

There was a joke that circulated during the Clinton Administration that Bubba and his wife went back to Arkansas to visit with old cronies and they stopped to get gas at a local service station. While the tank was being filled Hillary noticed a dirty and slovenly mechanic working a few feet away to repair a tire. “Ya know,” mused Hillary, “I once dated that man back before I met you.” At which Bubba Clinton responded, “Lucky you married me. Now you are the First Lady!” And Hillary replied, “Are you joking? If I had married him, he would now be the President!”

Even back then it was pretty much acknowledged it was Hillary that managed and guided Bubba’s political career. Bubba could smile and chase women, but he has not brains enough to come in out of the rain!

Once Bubba was out of the Presidential Palace, Hillary set about fulfilling her ultimate ambition of moving into the Oval Office, but she hit a road bump when Barack Hussein Obama showed up and snatched the Democrat nomination from her. Here was a man waltzing into the Presidential Palace “who should have, by rights,” according to Bubba, “been serving drinks at a gathering of white wheelers and dealers!”

The Clintons and the Obamas hated each other with a blind passion, but Hillary loved political power more than she hated the Beltway Messiah, so she joined the Obama Administration where, with her ambition for personal gain, she and Bubba fit right in.

Hillary walked away from the Obama Administration after one term to concentrate all her energies and resources to becoming the Messiah’s successor in the Oval Office. Again the Wicked Witch Of The Left was thwarted when billionaire political upstart Donald J. Trump grasped the gold ring.

By this time, Hillary’s crimes of corruption and treason were so well known there was talk on official circles of bringing charges. But, again The Beltway Messiah appears to have eclipsed the Wicked Witch Of The Left. As I type this, investigations of treason and corruption look to have centered on the Messiah himself. I have not recently heard anyone name Hillary nor Bubba in any context, neither as the preferred Democrat Candidate in 2020 nor as target of a legal investigation.

For better or for ill, the Wicked Witch’s star appears to have set. No longer does anyone fear the Clinton Crime Family nor does anyone appear to have hopes to see her in the Oval Office. Hillary would seem to have suffered the cruelest fate of all for a person of her temperament and ambition. The Wicked Witch Of The Left has been forgotten by history! It’s the worst fate that could possibly befall a woman of Hillary’s ambition.

Which is possibly just as well. Indications are the Wicked Witch Of The Left is in frail health. She requires an army of medical staffers and a fist full of drugs just to walk out of her apartment. Those who hate the Wicked Witch Of The Left might say her current sad state of affairs serves her right, that she has come to the inevitable end the path she chose has taken her. But I have to say I have pity upon this poor sad bag. I can only wish she had made better choices early on.

Shed a tear for the Wicked Witch Of The Left who could have been a good example for all, but rather chose to be a horrible warning.

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