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Tandra Page 1605, Eye-Spy

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Your smart phone is listening to your every word. Even when you turn the thing off, it is still listening.

And your smart phone is reporting everything you say to corporate headquarters where your words are recorded and stored in digital archives!

To which you may respond, “So what! If Big Brother is listening to what I say, he is going to become really, really bored! My conversations are so innocuous and uninteresting that Big Brother will scream and pull his hair out over how tedious and mundane my words are.”

Are you sure?

Suppose you say to someone, “I stopped by Chick-fil-A for lunch and their sandwiches are really fantastic!”

Nothing objectionable about that innocuous little confession, right? No one would have a problem with that comment, true?

Wrong! You are guilty of “hate speech” directed toward one of the Liberal Regressive’s specialized protected classes! Because you enjoyed your stopover at Chick-fil-A restaurant, you are part of a Christian Hate Group that discriminates against the sexually deviate class. You are an “enemy of the state”!

Take a different example; such as one in which your neighbour accidentally backs his automobile over your favourite flower bush and drives away without bothering to apologize for his offensive act. Perchance he did not even notice his careless act. He was in a hurry to pick up his wife at the cosmetics store. Annoyed by your neighbour’s careless act, you mutter, “Somebody oughta hang that son-of-a-bitch!” You are not serious. You and your neighbour are best friends. You go fishing together. Your neighbour and his wife were over to your place the previous night for dinner. But you are momentarily annoyed by your damage to your property. Your smart phone is listening and recording and sends your comment to corporate headquarters. Your smart phone is not very smart. Your smart phone cannot differentiate between comments made in momentary irritation and comments that might be a real threat against someone. Neither are the people at corporate headquarters overly intelligent. Of consequence you are classified as a dangerous hater all because of a comment you muttered in a moment of irritation and which you promptly forgot about.

Or let us say that you are an admirer of President Donald J. Trump and of his policies and you say as much in a discussion your smart phone records and sends to corporate headquarters where part of the job description is a passionate hatred of President Trump. Because of your intemperate comment as concerns President Donald J. Trump, you are now a “White Nationalist” and an enemy of the Deep State!

You might say, “What about you, Hanther? The comments above put you at the same risk as you claim for smart phone users.” Which is true enough. But tweaking the noses of the Deep State and the politically correct is part of my job description. You can also bet there are comments that I do not post on line. Also, I do not own a smart phone and would not have one if it were offered for free. I prefer to have my comments that become public property controlled by me and not taken by random from off hand unguarded comments made spur of the moment. You may not wish for the out loud and in your face public profile I cultivate, in which case you should beware your smart phone.

Remember Miranda. Anything you say can and will be used against you, most especially in the age of the smart phone!

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