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Tandra Page 1610, Islam In Public Schools

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

If there is even a hint that Christianity in any form or variant is allowed inside the doors of our public schools, ie; public indoctrination centers, the “Freedom From Religion” organization and other atheist promoters are johnny-on-the-spot to call out school authorities and administrators for violation of the “establishment clause” of the First Amendment. It is forbidden to have any mention nor reference in our public schools of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob nor of Jesus, The Christ. Any violation is reason to call down upon one’s head the full wrath and power of the Beltway Regime and its fellow travelers.

Conversely, proselytizing for the pagan rock god Allah and for Islam is protected by the law of “diversity”. In other words, according to the Liberal Regressive Agenda, the “establishment clause” demands that all religions and cults be allowed and promoted on our public indoctrination centers with exception of Christianity. And of those pagan religions allowed and promoted in our public indoctrination centers, the violent and obscene world view of Islam takes preference. Allah be praised first and always!

Just within the past two weeks we have seen two school districts in Washington State promoting and advancing Islam in daily classes for American children. Were this practice being used to recognize Christianity, the full power and wrath of the Beltway Regime would have come down upon the schools of question. But since it is Islam being pushed upon the children, we hear nothing save the sound of crickets.

It is not difficult to comprehend how this should come about. Liberal Regressives hate Christianity with an undying purple passion and Liberal Regressives reason that any enemy of my enemy is my friend. Islam was created explicitly an enemy of Christianity with a deliberate purpose that applies to no other world view on the planet. Of consequence, Liberal Regressives are persuaded they have a loyal ally in Islam.

Muslims do not see that relationship in the same way. Muslims view Liberal Regressives as useful idiots that can be used to advance the Islamic agenda. Once Christianity is no more a viable force in this world, Muslims will turn the full force of their wrath upon the Liberal Regressives who have been stepping stones for Islam’s rise to supreme power.

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