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Tandra Page 1610, Rumours Of Rumours

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

George R. R. Martin, he who is famous for failing to finish the final two installments of his “Game Of Thrones” series of books, actually titled “A Song Of Ice And Fire” though no one has any memory of the books as so much time has passed since Martin ceased to work on them, is in public attempting to drum up interest in his uncompleted series of novels again. Only Ghod knows why. The man has no plans to ever finish them! His ultimate objective has been realized. Martin has had his property released as a successful live action television movie and he has moved on to other things such as sitting in his back yard sipping booze and watching birds flutter about. Why sit in a small room working on a book when there is no longer any compelling reason for doing so?

In any event, someone released a rumour that George R. R. Martin has the books completed and is waiting until after the HBO series wraps to release the final two books. Possibly the rumour originated with Martin. Who knows? What would be the reason? Again, who knows? The man has moved on. His unfinished story is ancient history. Which is a shame really. The books released so far are excellent!

Be that as it may, George R. R. Martin has released an official denial that the final two books are complete and that they will be released shortly, after the HBO series has its last air date. Official denial; “The last two books are not finished and the final volume is not even started. Not one word of the last book has been written.” And is anyone factually surprised?

It’s a shame because the first five books are some of the best reading available today. But what we have is all we are likely to ever see. I have advised previously that, if George R. R. Martin has tired of writing his books, he should commission another writer to finish the books for him using Martin’s outline and with his supervision. There are plenty of “hired guns” available who are happy to crank out prose if the money is right.

However, for those of us who enjoyed the five books released so far, I expect those first five are all we shall ever see. We shall need to be satisfied with what we have.

And it could be worse. The HBO series is indeed quite excellent and it does provide us with closure. That is, unfortunately, more than we can say of writer George R. R. Martin.

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