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Tandra Page 1610, Customer Is Never Right

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I think it was the retail giant Sears who had the slogan; “The customer is always right.” What that meant was, if you were not satisfied with a product you purchased at Sears and brought it back complaining, you had your money refunded, no questions asked. Sounds to me a great way to run a business, but mebbe not. Last I heard from Sears was they were in serious financial trouble. In fact, for all I know. Sears may no longer be around.

Taking a cue from Sears’ errors in management, companies today across America have taken with the slogan, “The customer is always wrong!” Or so it would appear. Nabisco is the most recent business I have heard insulting its customer base. I did not see the ad, but it was reported that Nabisco ran an ad over Mothers Day advising customers to love their sexually confused mom cos “he” is your mom and he loves you.

Are the people at Nabisco out of their minds?!

“He”, whoever he may be and “he” may indeed be a lot of things, but “he” is not my mother, not now and never will be, ain’t gonna happen and Nabisco insisting some guy is my mother does not persuade me to accept an insane delusion. It puts a bad taste in my mouth for Nabisco products and gives me cause to buy cookies from some other company. Call me “intolerant”, but ain’t no guy gonna be my “mother” nor am I gonna play pretend he is.

Nabisco is not alone in insulting their customer base. Not too long ago Gillette was in the news with an ad insulting their customers. Not to be outdone, Wal-mart has been showing ads inviting men to come on dates to Wal-mart. Now if two guys wanna feel each other up in their apartment, I suppose there is no one to object. But I don’t wanna come around the corner of a display case at Wal-mart and find two ugly old men engaged in a lip lock. If that happens, chances are that I will toss my cookies right there on the floor.

If major American companies wish to alienate ninety-nine percent of their customer base while sucking up to half a percent, they are certainly free to do so, but that suggests there is a major market waiting out there for a company that refuses to insult its customers and that makes them feel welcome coming into the store.

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