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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

If you subscribe to the weekly “Tandra Notes” E-mail and you received the June 9 edition to your in-box yesterday, you have probably been on my list for over two years. There is no problem. But, if you did not receive the June 9 edition, your E-mail address was probably lost when my back-up drive died last week and lost the more recent additions. Unfortunately, I had neglected to back up my E-mail list as frequently as I should have. In such case, you can check out the “What’s New” section on site to read my observations for yesterday. I shall be doing what I can to reconstruct the missing E-mail list, but the chances are that I shall not be able to reclaim all the addresses that were in place. They are scattered over the site from various contact records and the site has been recently moved to a new server which occasionally does not preserve all the info when moved. My tech baby sitter changes servers on occasions for reasons best known to him. I do not argue because he knows that sort of thing and I know less than nothing. If you are one of those who did not receive the weekly “Tandra Notes” and you would like your subscription to continue, please send to me a short E-mail at [email protected] and I will immediately restore you to the subscription list. Sorry for the inconvenience. We all make dumb mistakes and I accumulate more than my fair share.

And, while on the topic of “Tandra Notes” along with my daily “What’s New” observations, my Commentaries are typically controversial, annoying and never politically correct. If you wish for innocuous commentary that will not violate your “safe spaces”, you should probably stick with the talking heads at CNN or at MSNBC. Lord knows they need the subscribers as their viewing base totals are dropping like a rock. The Lame Stream Deep State Media are not alone in their attempt to be as innocuously dull and uninteresting as possible. Most of media makes every effort to offend no one and to put forth no controversial ideas as a matter of policy. As consequence, their fan base continues to shrink and subscribers to walk away. Lukewarm dishwater has limited appeal.

In actual fact, I do not know how to be politically correct nor non-controversial even if I should decide to make the effort. I had rather investigate ideas and suggest alternatives to popularly accepted conventional wisdom than to be bored out of my skull by conversation that fails to stretch my imagination. By embracing this policy, I occasionally offend some subscribers and they send an E-mail demanding I remove them from my Mail List, and I do so at request without objection. I have no desire to debate with subscribers who are offended by what I write.

But, though some are offended by my observations, replacement by new subscribers easily offset those who unsubscribe and my Mail List continues to grow.

For all those who continue to subscribe to “Tandra Notes”, it is a privilege to share ideas with you. For those who have not yet subscribed, I would welcome you to the field of expanded ideas.

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