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Tandra Page 1614, Puppy

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I was driving to church yesterday evening for the weekly Monday Night Bible Study, this is a group of old men who get together of our own choice to discuss the Bible, when I topped a rise and saw two puppies in the road ahead of me. I braked and slowed down to almost a crawl and eased by as the puppies took their time in getting off the road. I eased by slowly, concentrating my gaze in the rear view mirror to be certain the puppies remained unharmed. I had gone a short way and was past the two puppies when I rolled over something in the road. I heard the two thumps as the wheels rolled over the object, whatever it was. I coasted on farther and saw a puppy lying in the road, a third puppy I had not seen previously.

I thought of going my way, but that was not going to happen, so I rolled down the road a piece until I could find a place to turn around. I went back and parked in a drive that led to a nearby house. I walked to where I found the hurt puppy who had crawled off the pavement and into the weeds. When I reached to pick it up, the puppy screamed before I could touch it. I backed off, wondering what to do as the puppy tried to get away. It could stand on three legs, but the rear left leg was damaged and could not be used, so the puppy was not moving very fast.

I reached for the puppy again. It did not cry out so loud this time. I picked it up in the manner I had seen a vet’s assistant pick up an injured dog years before, holding the beast under its front legs and letting the injured section hang free. The puppy made no more noise. I saw the other puppies and adult dogs in the yard of the house where I had parked, so I went to the door and knocked several times. No one came to the door.

So I returned to my car and continued the drive to church. I took the puppy inside to where the Bible Study had just started and told the guys there I needed a vet. One of the guys used his phone to find a vet and told the lady who answered that I needed the services of a vet. It was after six by then and the office was closed, but the lady said she would call the vet for emergency if I would pay the $100 fee. I promised to pay whatever was required. The guy who had called the vet gave directions to the Animal Clinic and I was there by 6:45. I had to wait about thirty minutes for the vet to show up. I took the puppy inside and the vet examined the puppy and gave him several shots. He said he would keep the puppy overnight and I should call back this morning after 10:30 to see what to do next.

Since the Animal Hospital opens at 8:00 a.m., there should be time to x-ray the puppy’s hind quarters and access the damage I did to the little beast. I’ve told the vet to do whatever is necessary for the puppy and I’ll pay for it. I will take care of the puppy until it is fully recovered, then return it to its owner. I’m gonna advise them very strongly to keep their puppies out of the road in the future. I have no desire to pay vet bills for another damaged dog or, in worse case, kill one of the dogs by accident. It is likely, if one of the puppies is hit by another driver, most of them will not even bother to slow down!

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