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Tandra Page 1614, Murder For Fun And Profit

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

A judge has ordered that a Missouri baby slaughterhouse remain open, never mind the slaughter house does not meet Health Department requirements, never mind this slaughterhouse callously places the mother’s life at risk and never mind that every successful abortion procedure results in death for the baby, Liberal Regressives are so obsessed with killing babies that no mere technicality, such that the slaughterhouse is a filthy environment that places at risk the life and health of every woman that walks through the doors, is of any consequence.

The slaughter must continue apace!

Murder, for fun and profit; this is what Liberal Regressives do! It is who they are!

Meantime it is reported that a hotel in Michigan has invited women who wish to have an abortion to come and stay for free! This demonstrates how enthusiastic with baby slaughter these vicious and amoral people are. They are not simply misguided persons with good intentions who have lost their way. These butchers and their fellow travelers are unapologetically evil!

The National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America has manufactured from the Constitution and from whole cloth a woman’s right to murder her child. There is no right to commit murder. What the Liberal Regressives have embraced is a license to slaughter an innocent and defenseless class of persons precisely as the German Nazis did in the Thirties. If evil is to be measured by body count, the American Liberal Regressives are revealed to be far more depraved and submerged in unrepentant evil than Hitler’s crowd ever dreamed of.

May God forgive them because I have no plans whatsoever to do so myself!

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