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Tandra Page 1618, Depraved Agenda

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

It is reported that parents in Pennsylvania were concerned that the administration of a local school system were pushing indoctrination of the sexual degeneracy agenda on their children, but when they went to inquire of the policy with school officials, the parents were refused the information they asked for. In other words parents were told that the depraved ideology that Pennsylvania Indoctrination Centers shovel into their children’s heads is none of their business. “Shut up and go to the back of the bus!”

This regime has grown so arrogant in their quest to fundamentally transform this country into a Communist Hellhole that it has decided it has the authority to force any depraved ideology into our children’s heads and that parents have no say as to how children’s minds are destroyed. This regime is convinced it holds license to push whichever agenda it wishes and parents are not allowed to raise question. Particularly this is true of the self serving Teachers’ Unions. The agenda these days is not to teach children to read and write, do figures and to learn history. The agenda of the Indoctrination Centers today is to absolutely destroy children’s minds and create of them brainless zombies who will do precisely as this regime orders and never raise question. If you are placing your children into the hands of these agents of the devil, you are contributing to the moral and social destruction of your child! When your child comes home proclaiming their new god is Karl Marx, that they hate this country and that they have no idea if they are a boy or a girl, you have only yourself to blame. You have been warned.

It is no secret that I admire President Donald J. Trump, but he is only one man standing against a cadre of power hungry totalitarians who wish to destroy this nation and fundamentally transform it into Venezuela. Nor do I agree with everything President Donald J. Trump says nor with his every policy initiative. For the record, I don’t agree with everything I say. But I am in direct opposition with the whole of the agenda of the Teachers’ Union that holds today’s Public School System in an iron grip and that has, as their primary agenda, the total destruction of the minds of our children who are delivered into their perverse care.

I have said often that you may be lucky to have a person teaching your child that is a good and decent individual, but the teacher you love and admire does not set the agenda, your favourite teacher does not write the textbooks, your teacher is not in charge. The monsters in charge of the Deep State Run National Indoctrination Centers are evil and depraved agents of Satan with an agenda designed to destroy your child’s mind and corrupt his integrity.

If you care whatsoever about your children, you will remove them from the Deep State Run Public Indoctrination System and school them yourself. To do otherwise is to deliver them into the arms of Satan and his minions.

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