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Tandra Page 1618, Polls

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I see reports that the younger crowd is less infatuated with the Gay Agenda fad than previously. While that is good news, I am not overly convinced until I see more than one poll. We have polls all over the place and polling organizations that will confirm whichever agenda seems to trend at the time. It appears that a number of Americans have no set opinions of their own; they have no idea what they should think (A number of them simply have no idea how to go about the process of thinking.), so they are constantly asking what others think so they can play copycat. “My neighbour is convinced that up is down, so I believe that also!”

We see polls that proclaim President Donald J. Trump to be the worst human alive, in fact who has ever lived through all of human history, and we see polls that tell us President Donald J. Trump is the most admired man in this country. We see polls telling us the world will end tomorrow because of cow farts and polls telling us cow farts are good for the environment. Of times these opposing polls come from the same polling agencies. It is said that polls can be skewed by the way questions are asked or by the particular questions included and those omitted. Whichever the case, it often appears those in the polling business make a decision as to the particular prejudice they wish confirmed and then set out to find people who will agree with them.

Which is why I am skeptical of the poll making claim that younger people are growing increasingly tired of the Sexual Deviant Agenda.

On the other hand, I can see how that might actually come to be the case. The younger generation, more so than mine, have had the Sexual Deviant Agenda shoved in their face like no age group before. They have seen those who make claim to sexual deviancy given special privileged and special license. They have seen straight heterosexual friends and acquaintances persecuted and marginalized because they refused to get on board the Sexual Deviancy Train. They have seen the ugly side of Sexual Deviancy up close and personal and they are put off by it.

So it would make sense for the younger generation to be less generous to acceptance of the Sexual Deviancy Agenda than the older generation who has mostly been exposed to Sexual Deviancy from a distance.

Whatever the case, I have some hope that the bloom is off the rose of the Gay Agenda. A life is a terrible thing to see destroyed by a deviant set of sexual choices!

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