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Tandra Page 1623, August 11, 2019

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This observation is titled; CHARITY

“...go and sell that thou hast, and give it to the poor....” Matthew19:21

I once knew a wealthy man. He was not wealthy in the class of President Donald J. Trump, but he did not worry from where his next meal was coming nor was he concerned about paying the rent. This man was a famous writer and we met at several trade shows. The second time we met, he remembered my name. The third time he had forgotten. Ours was that sort of relationship.

This man had two children, a boy and a girl. I never met the young man. The daughter was of super-model class, a drop dead beautiful blonde. The young man was set up in an apartment with all his needs provided. His father called him a “Gentleman Of Leisure”. He passed most of his time watching movies on tape. (This was before DVD.) The daughter involved herself with social work, helping the poor and like.

The writer died some years past. His son was in the news a few years back. He had moved to California and was arrested with the largest collection of child pornography the California Police had ever seen. As he was arrested in California, his stash of porn must have been beyond belief to be remarkable to California Law Enforcement!

The last I heard of the beautiful daughter, and she was indeed beautiful when I saw her though there was a certain cynical hardness to her expression, she had abandoned social work, sickened by the fraud and corruption. She and the writer’s second wife were engaged in legal action in an attempt to recover part of the inheritance her father had left her upon his death and that had been stolen by a shady investment advisor.

So you wish you could win the lottery. Are you sure? Stories are multitude of persons who come into undeserved wealth and, like the writer’s children above, come a cropper of consequence. Oh, but you would be different if you came to unexpected wealth? The law of averages says chances are you would not. And, if it happened you are the exception who could successfully manage a great fortune, unlike the two children of the writer above and his widow, would you enjoy your new found wealth?

The famous writer of this observation (and he is a real person; if I told you his name you could research his life.) loved his darling daughter beyond measure. She was the pride and joy of his life. Yet he confessed that he could never be certain which his beautiful daughter loved more, himself or his bank account. The son he supported as a “Gentleman Of Leisure” had not much relationship with his famous writer father. The writer stated he phoned his son every few months to ask how he was making out. The son predictably replied he was fine...end of conversation.

The only other persons with whom the writer had a close relationship was his second wife who appears to have also had considerable affection for his bank account and his editor at Doubleday Books who made money off the books she persuaded him to write.

The bottom line appears this writer of fame and fortune mostly passed his life in a small room without windows with only his typewriter for a companion. He was never convinced those who were closest to him loved him most or his money. Had you a sudden fortune could you be certain those who flocked to be in your company came for you or for your new-found affluence?

Money is, in the end, a burden and not a blessing. In the majority of cases, money is a curse.

And one other thing, free money inevitably flows to the pockets of the venal and the corrupt. See the beautiful daughter above. Free money also corrupts. See the “Gentleman Of Leisure” above.

But the above example is only an isolated example, an anecdote given to illustrate a prejudicial point. An anecdote does not indicate a universal standard. So you wish a wider example of free money flowing into the coffers of the most venal and corrupt? Baltimore MD is recently in the news. It is reported that, in 2009, $1.8 billion was poured into Baltimore to help the poor. Want to make a guess where that $1.8 billion vanished? Hint; it did not go to the poor and needy.

Example; un-told billions went to help the “Poor Palestinians” during the reign of Nasser Arafat. When Nasser Arafat died, most of those funds were found in his Swiss bank accounts. Today more billions continue to flow to the poor in Palestine and it continues to find home in the pockets of the corrupt administrators. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama sent billions of dollars and gold to the poor people of Iran and the poor in Iran are in the same state of poverty as they were before Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama’s generous gift. The Homicidal Mullahs have more money in their Swiss bank accounts than they know what to do with.

Some years back a book was published titled “Poverty Is Where The Money Is” which revealed the corruption and outright theft that is characteristic of the Welfare System throughout the world. It is the same corruption that disillusioned the daughter above of the famous writer, that made of her a bitter woman and drove her from her Social Work career.

“...go and sell that thou hast, and give it to the poor....” Matthew19:21

Jesus was not stupid. He knew precisely what would happen to money the Rich Young Ruler gave to the poor. He knew that, spread out, the money would amount to a few coppers for each recipient or, targeted for one or two, the money would quickly flow to the most venal and corrupt of Jewish or Roman officials. Jesus purpose was not to finance the poor, it was to show the Rich Young Ruler his own heart. Were it not his own money and power the Rich Young Ruler loved most, Jesus would have given him a different command.

When moral standards are cast aside, anything goes; murder, confiscation, slavery, the whole of the Socialist Utopia Agenda. -Lady Liberty

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“Even God can’t please everyone, so I don’t try very hard.” - Back Porch Philosopher


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