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Tandra Page 1623, Celebration Day

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Jeffrey Epstein is dead and the Clintons are celebrating. It is reported that Epstein died by his own hand. Right! It is also reported that Al Gore factually believes the Global Warming propaganda he has been peddling for years and from which he has made a fortune. If you happen to believe either of the above, I have some choice ocean front property in Tennessee to sell you.

It is also reported that word on the street is the Clintons did it. More to the point, the Clintons had it done. The Clintons never do their own dirty work. Often, they don’t even bother to give orders for someone who has become an irritation to them and a peril to their criminal activities to be taken out. The Clintons simply surround themselves with sycophants eager to gain favour from Bill and Hillary. It is said that Adolf Hitler never actually issued the command to exterminate six million Jews. He simply placed into position underlings who would carry out his wishes. The Reagan Administration called it “giving the President credible deniability”.

But, while I don’t necessary go with the theory the Clinton Crime Family did not issue the hit order on Jeffery Epstein, neither do I reject it outright. Bubba Clinton most certainly had motive for wishing Jeffrey Epstein to be escorted to the Gates of Hell, but there are numerous other people rich and powerful who had no love for the child sex trafficker and were right royally tired of handing over to Epstein a large fee on a regular basis in return for Epstein’s silence on their own personal indiscretions.

Blackmail is a dangerous avocation, particularly when you are dealing with rich and powerful men who have means. Also, contrary to the assumption “the Clintons did it”, Bill and Hillary have had years past in which they could have orchestrated the elimination of Jeffrey Epstein. Why wait so long to take him out?

Of course, Epstein has records stashed away that would reveal the nasty little scandals the rich victims wished to protect and which were set to be released if and when anything happened to Jeffrey, but the damning records are still there unless one of the blackmail victims found access to them and those records have ceased to be a threat.

My personal theory is that Jeffrey Epstein simply picked the wrong party upon whom to put the squeeze and it is someone of more recent acquaintance than Bubba Clinton. Someone, when Jeffrey Epstein came demanding hush money, said to himself, “Not until after Hell freezes over!” and made plans to remove “Blackmail” Epstein. Perchance this recent victim had a good idea where Epstein kept hidden the damning records and knew how to get at them and did. Then he set about to silence the person of Jeffrey Epstein permanently.

At least that’s my theory.

I have no problem that the Clintons might have bumped off Jeffrey Epstein, but my gut feelings point in a different direction.

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