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Tandra Page 1627, September 8, 2019

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This observation is titled; PART-TIME CHURCH

I had plans to write about American Corporations and their utilization of slave labour, but Mister Johnson just stopped by on his return from church and he was not happy. It was announced in the morning service that there would again be no evening services at the church he attends. Neither was there any evening service last Sunday because of the holiday. The church where Mister Johnson attends takes every opportunity to avoid having evening services on Sunday, if it is a national holiday, a special event or, mebbe, someone’s birthday. Whatever the excuse, Mister Johnson says it appears the church he attends closes down on Sunday Evening for about half the year. As for the mid-week service, the church where Mister Johnson attends has not had a mid-week service for longer than he can remember. Mister Johnson has looked around for another church to attend, but every church in the area he has investigated is only a “part-time church”.

The excuse for why there is no Sunday Night Service this evening is that one Mister Eustace Ledbedder died over the past week.

Now Mister Eustace Ledbedder was a good man and true. He was a pillar in the church and has been a member for the whole of his life since he accepted The Christ as his personal savior in 1949. Mister Eustace Ledbedder taught Sunday School class and was a deacon in the church. He also gave of his time and money to promote church related projects. Mister Eustace Ledbedder was a good and personal friend of Mister Johnson. But Mister Johnson is convinced that Mister Eustace Ledbedder would not be pleased that the church he loved has taken it upon themselves to honour himself. Mister Eustace Ledbedder has often advised that the purpose of a church is to honour and worship the Lord Jesus Christ, not to place men on a pedestal.

Mister Eustace Ledbedder is one of several of the “Church Fathers” who have passed on recently and who have been honoured by the church. Another is Averil Bucannon and another is Vincent Hollingsworth. Both, along with Mister Eustace Ledbedder were good men and true. Mister Johnson knew them and has great respect for the work they did to support the church. But they were also men who were in positions of authority when the church was losing its way in the community, when the church was retreating from an institution that set moral standards for the people to a social service institution that conforms to the moral standards of the community, when the church was being fundamentally transformed from a force for moral leadership into a passive follower.

In the cultural wars of this country the church more and more does not even field a team and the opposition walks away, winning by default!

Mister Johnson made comment a church member opined that the failed state of the church today is because of the failed leadership of the pastor, but Mister Johnson does not support that indictment. The Pastor of a church is no more than a hired employee of the church. The pastor does and acts as the church fathers demand of him. If church fathers demand a pastor who is a dedicated warrior for The Christ, the pastor will perform accordingly. If church fathers are content with a social justice advocate, that is what will be visited upon the church.

Finally, if the church fathers are content to allow the church to be fundamentally transformed into a social services organization, then it becomes the responsibility of the rank and file church members to alter the path of which the church is following.

Jesus has no interest in a part-time church and will not bless it!

When moral standards are cast aside, anything goes; murder, confiscation, slavery, the whole of the Socialist Utopia Agenda. -Lady Liberty

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“Even God can’t please everyone, so I don’t try very hard.” - Back Porch Philosopher


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