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Tandra Page 1627, Third World Invasion

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

The United States is being fundamentally transformed into a Third World Nation to a greater degree every day. Crime and disease continue to cross our borders at an alarming rate to infect and destroy Americans and the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America is overjoyed for that to happen. Liberal Regressives do not want Americans to be prosperous and healthy because a prosperous and happy people are impossible to rule.

In the movie “V For Vendetta”, the Chancellor admonished his propaganda minister, “Remind the people how much they need us!”

A prosperous and happy citizenry do not need rulers to dictate their every thought and every action. A prosperous and happy people can do very well for themselves, thank you. They do not require Big Brother dictating their every move and making their every decision. In a free and prosperous world there is no need for Big Brother, which is the reason Liberal Regressives hate a prosperous and productive populace. Liberal Regressives need a failed economy and a miserable citizenry in order to function. They need a desperate people in order to rule. That is the reason the Obama Administration was a Golden Age for the Liberal Regressive Clique. That is the reason Liberal Regressives are desperately wishing for the economy to tank, so as to allow the Ruling Class to again gain total and absolute capricious and arbitrary control over the people of this country.

Liberal Regressives of the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America desperately wish for this country to fail, for the American Dream to crash and burn and for Americans to become a desperate and hopeless people. Only then can Liberal Regressives gain the absolute power for which they lust with an unquenchable thirst.

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