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Tandra Page 1627, The College Trap

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

This is embarrassing. When I came to write the Observation for today, I discovered I had not completed nor posted the one for yesterday (Monday). Part of it was written, but I had become distracted, probably by the need to begin working on this week’s Tandra Page, and had failed to complete it. Obviously, I then had not posted the thing.

In fact, I now have no idea what it was I planned to write yesterday to complete the scheduled Observation. Of consequence, I added a few lines to bring the Observation to a close and posted it just now. It may be a bit crude by my normal standards, but it is complete, or as complete as I can make it after a twenty-four hour delay. Sadly, neither you nor I shall ever know the original Observation I had intended to post. Doubtless it would have been a classic of Western Literature, would have gone viral, international news services would have picked it up and published it across the globe, a seven figure book deal would have been in the offing and major Hollywood studios would have been in competition to turn my Observation into a major multi-million dollar movie that would, of consequence, have set records at box offices world wide.

Sadly, that is not to be because I became distracted and failed to complete and post yesterday’s Observation. Such is life.

So here I am typing and posting another Observation to be put on line today (Tuesday). This new Observation will, probably, not create the media sensation of the sort as might have occurred yesterday, had I finished that post as intended, but I shall do the best I can.

Back when I was emerging from High School, conventional wisdom was that one needed a college diploma to get ahead in the world. Not one to defy conventional wisdom, I set about making application to the college of choice and was accepted. There was, at the time, a war going on and I was not eager to be conscripted into the military and go across the world to be shot at by people who get their jollies by killing Americans. So, for a number of reasons, college seemed a viable option. In any case, World War II had been ended in less that four years, so I figured this little brush fire in Southeast Asia would be ancient history by the time I graduated from Art School. As we all know, that did not happen and the war dragged on into the Ford Administration.

But this Observation is not about my “War Experiences”. This is about “higher education”.

As stated, conventional wisdom was, at the time, one needed a college degree to get ahead in this world. Conventional wisdom has not changed as I type this. But, in my case, it developed that conventional wisdom was wrong. I graduated with my degree, had my association with the military, and went looking for a job. I had several jobs, all in my chosen field, and never once did a prospective employer ask if I had a college degree. For fact, no prospective employer asked if I had attended high school, grade school or pre-school, not one. Prospective employers all wanted to know if I could draw and not much else.

There was, and are, probably exceptions then and now, but if you wish to be a doctor or a lawyer, you likely do indeed need a college or university degree. Otherwise, forget it. Prospective employers want employees who can do the job for which they are hired. They don’t much care about impressive college diplomas.

What has changed markedly over the years is the cost of those generally useless diplomas and the value of a college education. Today’s college education is mostly worthless. A high number of young folks graduate with a worthless degree and an education that is absolutely useless for prospective employers. But, more to the point, students currently graduate with student debt that shackles them for most of their lives. Graduates are slaves to a debt that sentences them to poverty and a dead end life style far past their prime years. Liberal Regressives love debt slaves. They love a hopeless and debt shackled generation because a desperate generation is a generation looking for a ruler who will promise them relief from a life without a future.

But the future career politicians’ promise is only a future with a different master.

As one who has been there, done that while avoiding burdensome debt (I worked my way through college with a full time job.), my suggestion to anyone looking to the future from a position of his or her senior year in high school, remove college from your list of options after graduation. Look into other options such as a trade school. You will find you have a well paying job and you will not be burdened with crippling debt!

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