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Tandra Page 1627, Oil Buddies

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I remember a photograph from the second Bush Administration. The photograph displayed President George W. Bush at the feet of the Saudi Monarch. The thought came to mind of a Cocker Spaniel at the feet of his master. From the photograph, you might believe President George W. Bush was unaware of any of the implications of the damning photograph, but you could believe, from the smug expression on the Saudi Dictator’s face, the King knew precisely the message the photograph was intended to convey.

There are those who insist President George W. Bush had prior knowledge and even conspired in the Nine-Eleven Attack. But it’s pretty evident that was not the case. However what is undeniable is that President George W. Bush had a willful and self imposed blind spot concerning the Saudi Royals and their enmity of this country and its people. It is also a matter of record the Bush Administration swiftly smuggled the Saudis out of this country to protect them from any retaliation by Americans angered by an act of war against this nation and its people. There are also credible reports detailing how it was the Bush Administration purposefully avoided investigation of the President’s good buddies as concerns their duplicity in the Nine-Eleven attack.

You see, the Bushes owe their family fortune to the Saudi Imperials and, pretty much of consequence, the Bushes were, and are, overly eager to believe the Saudi Royals when they look Americans in the eye and mouth, “Islam is a religion of peace!” in the face of out incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.

But the Bushes would never believe anything evil of their favoured Oil Buddies!

In fact, the case can be convincingly made that President George W. Bush’s gullible acceptance of the Saudi lies, and with clear evidence to the contrary, is a worse betrayal of this country that would have been the case had the Bushes knowingly conspired to bring about the Nine-Eleven attack.

Unfortunately, the Bushes criminal denial of impending threats and of clear and present danger to this country and to the American People is not an anomaly. The Beltway has, for generations, been over-saturated with career politicians who place their own self-serving interests and their lust for money and power in ascendance over their love of this country and of our national interests.

And never forget, it was Bush II’s father President George H. W. Bush himself, who proclaimed the United Nations should rule the New World Order and the Bushes and their henchmen should rule the United Nations. Money and power is what the Bushes are about, and it has always been so. The preservation of the United States as the Greatest Nation on Earth has been, invariably, a distant second consideration for the New World Order Bush Family.

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