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Tandra Page 1627, Small Time Chiselers

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” -Ben Franklin

Wannabe National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America candidate for occupant of the Oval Office Beto O’Rourke is overly eager to have Americans give up their Second Amendment responsibilities in return for the regime’s promise to protect them from cradle to grave cos we all know that, when seconds count the cops are taking a coffee break at Dunkin’ Donuts.

There is the myth as promoted by the regime that cops are honest and dedicated to serving and protecting the American People. There are a few “bad apples” as is the case with any group but, by and large, cops are honest and hard working officers doing a dangerous job to the best of their ability under difficult circumstances.

Perchance that is true, but the majority of law enforcement personnel with whom I have had personal dealings have been cheap crooks and small time chiselers who get their jollies from walking down main street with a gun on their hip like Marshall Dillon on Front Street as portrayed in “Gunsmoke”. To be fair, I have also met several decent men and women in uniform, but they were mostly elected officials looking for votes. Of course they were all smiles and hands extended.

The first cop who made an impression on me was a small town bully with a reputation. My mother was afraid of him and would cross the street to avoid meeting him. Mom was no convicted felon. She was a good girl who attended church every Sunday. To my knowledge she never even got a parking ticket. The cops in Knoxville TN investigated a man found dead tied to a tree, shot in the belly twice with a shotgun and the weapon lying on the ground beside him. The death was judged suicide! When I was in college, a friend who ran a short order restaurant complained the cops routinely came into his restaurant and took free coffee without bothering to ask. Taking coffee is not armed theft, but it is stealing. I inquired why my friend did not complain to authorities and he said, if he made complaint, the city would send health inspectors who would find more violations than can be imagined and his business would be shut down. It was not as though he ran an unsanitary restaurant. He had passed every routine inspection to date, but complain about petty theft by the cops and that would change.

I never met a cop while I was in New York City so I have no personal revelations.

But since I have returned South I have seen cops speed through stop lights without bothering with a siren, park in No Parking areas, decline to investigate armed robbery because the robbers were too tough to tackle, and arrest a man and put him in jail so as to be free to pass the afternoon with his wife. This last from a face-to-face confession (bragging).

As you will notice, none of the above are from my personal confrontations with the law. They are simply incidents of small time corruption I have encountered. None of these qualify the cops as professional crime bosses, but they all involve cops who are convinced they can get away with small time crime because they carry a badge and a gun. Frankly, none of these are people I would depend upon to protect me from armed criminals.

As it happens, I have been a victim of crime. I reported the crime and a weekend warrior came out several days later to fill out a report and that was the end of police involvement. The cop did comment that, if the ground was not so hard the cops could maybe gather a posse and go after the thieves. Possibly he was making a joke. Whatever the case the paper form was the last thing law enforcement did about my case of breaking and entering.

If anyone comes my way with intent to do harm, I prefer to handle the situation myself rather that to call the cops and wait until they get off coffee break to come. “When seconds count....”

Yes, there must be good and decent cops out there. It’s just that I’ve rarely met one.

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