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Tandra Page 1631, Climate Crisis

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Mister Johnson stopped by to visit a spell. As he always does, he came riding down my drive sitting on the seat of his old wagon with his mule, Second, pulling. It was coming a light rain so Mister Johnson had on his rain coat.

He pulled Second to a stop and climbed down off his wagon. He tied Second to one of the low hanging limbs on an Oak tree in my yard and came over to the porch. I had noticed him coming down my drive, so I was waiting with the front door open. Mister Johnson came in and removed his rain coat. I took it and hung it on the rack in the corner of my living room.

I invited Mister Johnson to go into my workroom and sit in his favourite chair near the fireplace. There was no fire going, but Mister Johnson likes to sit there in cold weather by the fire and there is no reason to move the chair about in the Summer. I fixed Mister Johnson a big glass of Iced Tea and handed it to him. Mister Johnson allowed as to how I am the only person who has Iced Tea the whole year through. I do make hot tea early in the morning in Winter, but I normally turn to Iced Tea before the day is over.

I asked Mister Johnson about his garden and he allowed as to how most things had been gathered and put away in cans. Most people in this area put their garden abundance in the freezer, but Mister Johnson is old school. He wonders how the frozen food will keep if the electricity is down for an extended period leaving the freezer full of food without power. Mister Johnson still cans his food.

Mister Johnson and I talked about a number of things, none of them of critical importance. It was just an extended and rambling conversation between old friends. Mister Johnson allowed as to how Summer is probably at end, though we should certainly see some more warm days before Winter sets in.

I asked Mister Johnson if he has seen any Wooly Bears racing across the road. For the un-initiated, Wooly Bears are fuzzy little caterpillars you see in the Fall and they are always in a hurry to get some place. Old folks who are in the know set great store by Wooly Bears for predicting the severity of coming Winter. Pale Wooly Bears indicate a mild winter and dark Wooly Bears indicate a hard Winter. There are modifications; some Wooly Bears are dark in front and pale in the rear, others are reverse with the colours suggesting the Winter will be harsh early on and mild later or the reverse colours suggesting a mild beginning and harsher temperatures later.

Skeptics profess no faith in Wooly Bear Winter Predictions, but those of us who have followed Wooly Bears faithfully over the years have noted that Wooly Bears have a better track record for predicting Winter than does the Weather Channel!

The alarming news about Wooly Bears this year is that neither Mister Johnson nor I have seen a single Wooly Bear. This may indicate that the coming Winter will be so terrible that the Wooly Bears have all left this part of the country. This could suggest we are going into a real Climate Crisis!

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