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Tandra Page 1631, It’s What They Do

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

It gets interestinger and interestinger.

We all have heard the reports that Uncle Joe Biden had his son installed, with a hefty salary, on the board of a Ukrainian company, although the son had no experience nor knowledge that could possibly be useful to that company, in return for his father authorizing a huge package of international aid to the Ukraine government. In laymen’s terms that is known as bribery or possibly as extortion, depending on the details. Insofar as the Beltway Cesspool is concerned, such things are simply business as usual. That’s who they are and it’s what they do.

Uncle Joe Biden even had the audacity to brag about his strong arm tactics on tape. Uncle Joe obviously saw no problem with a United States Government Official (Uncle Joe was Vice-President under Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama at the time.) forcing sweetheart deals with a foreign government to benefit his son, which is why Uncle Joe was so open in bragging about his crony corruption.

When President Donald J. Trump suggested investigating Uncle Joe’s corruption, the Deep State Media decided it was time to impeach President Donald J. Trump for “high crimes and misdemeanors”. House Speaker Botox Nan had resisted the impeachment demands from members of her own party, but the Uncle Joe Biden phone conversation of President Donald J. Trump about placing Uncle Joe’s son on the board of directors of a company for which the Biden offspring had no visible qualifications was a bridge too far. Botox Nan jumped onto the impeachment bandwagon at long last.

There were some questions asked as to why Botox Nan would do a sudden 180 face on the impeachment issue. But the reason now appears plain enough. There are reports out there that Botox Nan also has a son sitting on the board of a foreign company and drawing a hefty fee.

And why not? That’s who these people are and it’s what they do.

But now that President Donald J. Trump is suggesting a look into high profile career Beltway Cesspool politicians arranging lucrative deals for family members, there is the chance that such an investigation could make corruption look bad and the blowback could adversely affect the careers and power of those involved. Consequently, Botox Nan is suddenly all in with impeachment of this President!

I don’t doubt Congress is over-saturated with elected officials who have bribed and coerced family members into lucrative positions in foreign companies at considerable financial reward. That’s who they are and it’s what they do.

When corruption becomes the coin of the realm, then those involved rationalize there is no downside to corruption; that it’s simply who they are and it’s what they do.

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