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Tandra Page 1645, January 12, 2020

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This observation is titled; DEVIL’S POPE

The Pope has always been more about power than about virtue. I am not as well versed upon the history of the Catholic Church as I might be, but what I do know is that, until Martin Luther, the Catholic Church was the Christian Church on Earth. Whatever your personal virtues or failings, if you were going to be a Christian you were going to be a member of the Catholic Faith.

The full title of the Church was The Roman Catholic Church because, when Emperor Constantine nationalized the Christian Faith he made it the official religion of the State. Previously the Roman State had recognized the Greek Gods as the official gods of Rome. The Romans simply stole the Greek Gods of Olympus and gave them a superficial face lift. They gave the Greek Gods new names; Zeus became Jupiter and Aphrodite became Venus. With several of the gods a new personality was also grafted onto the gods. Ares, the god of war, was a cowardly and repulsive creature in Greek Mythology. The Romans named him Mars and made of him a heroic figure.

In actual fact the Greek Gods re-identified as Roman Gods for official purpose were never the gods of the common people. Rather the gods Romans actually worshipped were hearth gods and harvest gods, gods without much personality nor character. The Greek Gods were much more interesting and fun to read about which is why the Romans officially adopted the Olympians. But, truth to tell, the Romans never much believed in their gods re-made from the Greek personalities. And, as the Empire decayed, belief in the official Roman Gods deteriorated.

Since Christians were making waves with their new religion and the Greco-Roman Gods were pretty much a spent force, Constantine tossed over Jupiter and company and made the God of the Bible the official state god. A bureaucracy was set up and the Roman Catholic Church was born.

Now all this sounds a bit more cynical than it actually was in practice. While there was considerable political self serving going on, there were also true believers in the mix. While Saint Peter was long dead, officials of the Church decided Peter was the first Pope and descended their line from him.

Almost immediately there was conflict between Church and State, each attempting to assert power over the other. Some Popes were indeed true believers while others were self serving power grabbers. This later sort were mostly pure political figures who exploited their people to advantage. While early Popes did not marry, they openly consorted with prostitutes and acted as political activists. When Martin Luther came along he tossed a monkey wrench into the Church’s monopoly of the Christian Faith. Suddenly the people could pick and choose the way to worship God that seemed best to them. In addition, the printing press was invented about this time and Bibles came into wide-spread use as the people learned to read and were no longer dependent upon priests to instruct them as to what was written in the Holy Book. The day when priests had total control of the Word of God was at end.

But the Catholic Church did not wither away. Popes continued to come into office, some good, some bad and many of indifferent character.

The current Pope appears to have an agenda of fundamentally transforming the Church into something unrecognizable by the average church member. This pope is an open Communist, an advocate for interfaith dialog with Islam and is an advocate for President George H. W. Bush’s New World Order. This Pope appears to harbour a certain vicious aversion to Capitalism. As such, this Pope fits right in with the Beltway Cesspool and shares their obsession of a religious system that substitutes the all-powerful State to replace God.

The Roman Catholic Church has come full spectrum from the first pope who was a follower of Jesus, the Christ, to the present day pope who is an advocate for Lucifer. How the times, they have changed!

When moral standards are cast aside, anything goes; murder, confiscation, slavery, the whole of the Socialist Utopia Agenda. -Lady Liberty

“Even God can’t please everyone, so I don’t try very hard.” - Back Porch Philosopher

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