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Tandra Page 1645, Allied With Thugs

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

It’s fairly easy to see how it is the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America hates President Donald J. Trump. Our President stands opposed to butchers, dictatorial thugs, slave masters, and assorted depraved pond scum across the globe, the same sort disgusting examples of viciousness that are the lowest form of life on this planet and who are natural allies of Botox Nancy Pelosi and the Party of Treason and Death.

I did not see it because life is too short to waste it sitting in front of an idiot box, but it is reported that House Speaker Botox Nancy Pelosi was on national television this past weekend condemning President Donald J. Trump for standing with and supporting the Iranian People in their attempts to throw off the yoke of the Murderous Mullahs who have brutalized and enslaved them this past forty years. Botox Nancy is all in favour of the Murderous Mullahs and all in with the Murderous Mullahs brutalizing the people over whom they rule with an iron fist.

Indeed, it is the same sort of brutal regime the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America proposes to install in this country, minus the religious ramifications. On the other hand, if a deal can be struck with the Murderous Mullahs to fundamentally transform this nation into an obedient satrap in the World Wide Caliphate ruled by the Murderous Mullahs, Botox Nan and company have no problem with adopting a burqa for public display. Everyone knows, after all, that religion is only for the Little People. Rulers are above the demands of a religious ideology.

I am not so overly assured of the success of the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America coming down consistent on the side of brutal regimes across the globe when it comes election time. I know there are Americans in name only who have been sold a bill of goods as regards Communism. These quislings are assured they are the ones who will be allowed to wallow in wealth once the hated rich people are brought down. Understand there are no innocent thieves. Every newly minted Communist is convinced the coming revolution will make him rich from stolen money and he will be granted his own personal satrap over which to rule as he wishes. All that talk of justice for the masses is no more that meaningless drivel designed for the purpose of recruiting disposable foot soldiers. Once the gold is in their position, those in new positions of power will rule with a viciousness that will make Adolf Hitler appear as a Sunday School teacher by comparison.

Which is the reason the National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America is so infatuated with brutal and bloody dictators. Botox Nancy Pelosi and her cronies are not overly eager to be best friends with brutal dictators. Botox Nan and her cronies dream of the day they will actually be themselves brutal dictators!

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