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Tandra Page 1649, The Trump Dynasty

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Pretty much everyone agrees that President Donald J. Trump gave a great State Of The Union Speech. Well, everyone except the card carrying members of The National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America and their fellow travelers. But, for the most part, the people who hated President Donald J. Trump’s speech are the same folks who fall on their knees in worship at every word that dripped from the lips of Joseph Stalin and from the lips of Fidel Castro, the same people who have lined up in support of the Murderous Mullahs of Iran. They are not good folks.

But those who hate America and who hate our President are not the issue. It is pretty much conceded that President Donald J. Trump is a slam dunk for re-election in November. Of course, that’s today. A lot can happen in nine months. Still, at this point, the Party of Treason and Death has no one waiting in the wings that could possibly win in a general election even if they were going toe-to-toe against Daffy Duck.

The problem is not President Donald J. Trump’s failure that concerns me. The problem is President Donald J. Trump’s successes. For all the numerous things good that President Donald J. Trump has accomplished for this nation and for Americans, he has done them generally by a lone hand. Congress has been out to lunch!

Of course, the Opposition Party has been busy with insurrection since the mid-terms, but the Party of Treason and Death gained power in the House precisely because the President’s own party did precisely nothing the first two years of President Donald J. Trump’s Presidency. Except for President Donald J. Trump’s celebrated tax cuts, the man has been required to go it alone for all the time of his first term and, since the mid-terms, he has had active opposition from The National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America. Rather than three branches of government in Washington, we have one and a half. We have an active Executive Branch (President Donald J. Trump), a non-active Legislative Branch (with the opposition working to reverse the 2016 election, but doing nothing else except to enrich themselves by way of corrupt sweetheart deals) and a Judicial Branch (which is a wild card).

For all practical purpose, the Oval Office is the office of a dictator by default, albeit with severe limitations. This state of affairs did not happen by way of Donald J. Trump; it has been developing over the course of generations. President Donald J. Trump is no more dictatorial than was Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama. The difference is that the Beltway Messiah was in league with the Cesspool.

Hard facts on the ground are that there is no Donald J. Trump 2.0 waiting in the wings. President Donald J. Trump is one of a kind. The President recently made a joke at one of his rallies. “Call for sixteen more years!” President Donald J. Trump shouted, “And blow their minds!” If it was truly a joke or not, at Donald J. Trump’s age, “sixteen more years” is not a reality. But it points up a real problem.

Because there is no Donald J. Trump 2.0 awaiting us, some who like this President and approve of what he has done in office may be tempted to vote Donald J. Trump “President For Life”. I like President Donald J. Trump, but this is a bad idea on numerous levels.

This President has given those of us who love this country a four to eight year reprieve from the assault from those who hate us, but fundamentally transforming President Donald J. Trump into a dictator would destroy this nation as founded as surely as Liberal Regressives intend.

Remember; A tyrant on your side is still a tyrant!

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