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Tandra Page 1655, New Toy

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I bought a new Mac last week.

That may not seem a big deal, but a new toy takes some getting used to. Applications are the same, but different. Computer companies are always improving product to make them more productive and more efficient. That is all well and good if you are purchasing the upgrade because you are no longer satisfied by the old. Lack of satisfaction is not my problem. I bought the upgrade, not from lack of satisfaction, but because my old Mac has become obsolete. There were developing hardware issues that could not be resolved, so a new computer was in order.

For the most part I am delighted with the new machine. It had to be modified to accept the drawing application I prefer because the old app is no longer being made. The similar app from a different company simply will not do what I need done. I have the app from the competition on the new Mac and I will examine it to see if I can find a way to make it do what I need, but I do not have high hopes. For the most part the app on the new Mac works in the tried and true manner and I can add colour to the new Tandra Page at quick and efficient speed.

The paint app is a whole new kettle of fish. This is the same paint app with which I am accustomed and it works in familiar manner, but some features have been re-arranged. It’s sorta like walking into grocery store where you have been shopping for years only to find management has stripped the shelves bare and re-stocked with the same items but displayed them in different areas. Rather than go directly to where the items you want are displayed, you must needs search all over the store to find the items you want. Sorta like hunting Easter Eggs in tall grass.

Now that I have set up a Tandra Page and finished it, I know where the features I use are located and producing next week’s page should go more smoothly.

I really like the new Mac. It just required some getting used to so I don’t need waste a lot of time searching for the tools I need to complete the page.

There, that was a relief, typing a full installment of “What’s New” without having to once mention the virus over which the world is currently obsessed.

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