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Tandra Page 1655, Continuing Crisis

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Yesterday was nice. I wrote about something that was not the New Black Death. It was pleasant to express interest in something that was not centered upon the impending end of Western Civilization. But all sabbaticals come eventually to end and I must needs return to the real world, or what passes for such these days.

Every place I look for news reports, every newscast I hear, is obsessed with this new plague. Everywhere it’s Wuhan Virus wall-to-wall, twenty-four/seven to the exclusion of everything else and anything else. There are many more infections reported today than two days ago, which is the inevitable consequence of having more people tested. If you have a mild case of Wuhan Virus, you may not show up on government radar. But when government begins testing more people, you will be included in the statistics. Multiply that by a multitude of Americans like you who have had Wuhan, but were not previously tested and we have, magically, a radical up tick in the statistically infected.

As for fatalities as consequence of Wuhan, that statistic is more reliable. The unreliability of death statistic from Wuhan is skewed by the Wuhan public relations machine to up the numbers. As example, the story of the Soccer Star who died recently was attributed to Wuhan. Further information revealed the man had cancer as well as being infected with Wuhan. Routinely death would have been attributed to cancer, but in the age of enhanced public relations for the virus, the Soccer Star was reported to have expired from Wuhan.

As expected the fatality numbers for Wuhan increased since this past weekend. The total is up markedly, but not to unexpected numbers. I heard the most recent number from a radio broadcast less than an hour ago, but I did not catch it for certain, so I will not repeat it here. I’m assured that, if you are interested to find out, the number is readily available from numerous other sources.

Another development I heard on the same broadcast was interrupted by a halt of broadcast by electrical interference. It confirms something in my own experience. I’m gonna do a bit of research and I’ll get back with you tomorrow.

Remember the motto of Liberal Regressives is; “Never allow a crisis to go to waste!” And if there is no crisis, create one.

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