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Tandra Page 1655, The Stink Of Sanctity

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

“I'm hearing your case for shutting the country down until Wuhan passes. (33 days?) I hear you arguing from a position of smug superiority. You are not yet much affected personally by the virus except for your silly on air games of social distancing.
If you are truly concerned with this nationwide panic, re-schedule your fund raiser until this crisis has passed and the economy has recovered and your supporters have discretionary funds to send to your organization. As I type this, Americans are losing their jobs, their savings and their financial security. They need their money for food, rent and medication.
Should you continue your begging for money on schedule, No one should believe a word that falls from your mouth. You are simply not serious people.
Be true to your convictions or cease your fatuous posturing.”

I sent the above E-mail message to the head office of a radio network to which I listen most every day. Perchance “listen” is an inaccurate description. Keep tuned to for background noise perchance a better choice of words. This is what is called “listener supported” radio, something akin to National Public Radio which devotes some two weeks per year to begging for money from its supporters. The network does precisely the same thing though it targets an audience of a different political persuasion.

When I sent the E-mail I included a post script promising to post this observation today as an invitation for response. I’ve heard nothing as of this posting in reply.

“Never allow a crisis to go to waste!” -Liberal Regressive Mantra

All across this nation politicians are shutting down the economy using Wuhan as their excuse. A number are using threat of force and jail time for those who refuse to comply with their directives. As prominent economic advisor observed, the American Economy was humming along at full speed until the regime applied the brakes in force. As Liberal Regressive Bill Maher advised, “We are going to need a financial crisis if we are to drive Trump from office in the next election.” Isn’t it interesting that, right on schedule, less than two weeks after the impeachment failure, Wuhan arrived riding a white horse to provide Liberal Regressives another shot at removing President Donald J. Trump from office and shutting down the hated Deplorables?

Liberal Regressive Representative Jim Clyburn famously proclaimed, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure (fundamentally transform) things to fit our vision!” As has been observed by those with a particular jaundiced view of politics, “For Liberal Regressives; this Wuhan shutdown is not a crisis, it’s practice!”

As noted in the E-mail above, the administrators of the radio broadcast company of question do not expect any real hardship from this political disaster. Oh, they make public show such as their “social distancing” act, but they do not expect to pay themselves, any personal cost from this national house arrest. They expect business as usual and they expect supporters to continue sending in money to keep the network on air while supporters themselves do not know if they will ever see another paycheck, if they can pay their rent or if they can buy food.

These sanctimonious and arrogant airwave executives feel they are removed from the realities of the average Americans who are forbidden from going to the workplace and from earning a living. “But it’s all for the public good. We are all gonna die and the only safe space is under your bed in a fetal position!”

People are factually dying from Wuhan, but less than other pandemics. Every death is a crisis, but one percent fatality is not reason to shut down the world economy which causes even greater death and destruction. This is looking more and more like unto a political crisis than a health crisis. The most effective overblown crisis is one that has at base a grain of truth.

Don’t forget; “Never allow a crisis to go to waste!”

Like the arrogant radio executives, politicians and bureaucrats demanding you agree to house arrest have no problem worrying about their food and their rent. Their income is, by force of law, stolen from you. Think; taxes. And you will observe that, when they announce closing down the country, they can hardly suppress their glee.

Wuhan is claimed to be a virus that magically appeared on the scene conveniently as the Impeachment campaign crashed and burned. There was Wuhan waiting in the wings to come to the rescue of Liberal Regressives. But there are stories out there of Americans who contracted Wuhan, and survived, though there was no direct link with China. It is of public record that West Virginia was awash with a variant of the common cold having symptoms common to Wuhan.

I myself had a cold with Wuhan virus symptoms about six weeks ago. I took it as a normal cold and treated it as such. I stayed home from church because a normal cold can be fatal to old folks. I recovered after about six days. Since I work from my home studio, I do not much get out and about. It was not until about two weeks back when politicians began puffing Coronavirus all over the top that I read about symptoms and realized the symptoms I had were Coronavirus symptoms, and I live in a county in Southwest Tennessee that has recorded zero cases of Wuhan Coronavirus as I type this.

Since I live in a rural area of Southwest Tennessee, if Wuhan was in my area of the country, then it is likely all over the nation and, as more people are tested, statistics will rise dramatically. That does not necessarily mean that more people are getting Wuhan, it only means that more people who have it are being discovered. It also means the fatality rates should go dramatically down.

In the end, Wuhan is not a particularly deadly infection for most people, but it is an infection ripe for exploitation by people who are convinced “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision!”

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