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Tandra Page 1663, Drug Wars

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Hydroxycloroquine is unsafe! Hydroxycloroquine is unproven! Hydroxycloroquine requires extensive testing! Hydroxycloroquine will kill you! We need years and years of investigation by qualified authorities before we can know if Hydroxycloroquine should be released for use by the general public. Hydroxycloroquine is a dangerous drug! This after three quarters of a century of Hydroxycloroquine being available on the open market and with no known adverse side effects and with Hydroxycloroquine being a proven inhibitor of the Fauxci Virus. In fact, Doctor Anthony Fauxci himself has admitted as much and praised Hydroxycloroquine as an effective treatment, a miracle drug in fighting the coronavirus in 2005.

What, pray tell, is the problem with Hydroxycloroquine?

The problem with Hydroxycloroquine is that it is cheap, reported at about fifty cents per dose or thereabout. Doctor Fauxci and his cronies are not going to rake in a boatload of money from Hydroxycloroquine. Therefore, Hydroxycloroquine must be banned and forbidden from use!

Remdesivir, the drug Doctor Fauxci promotes as the drug of choice for treating the Fauxci Virus, is reported to cost some $4460 for a five day treatment. Remdesivir requires visits to a hospital and must be administered by a qualified physician using a rather involved procedure. It is estimated that Gilead, the company that produces Remdesivir, stands to pull in some two billion (that’s billion with a “b”) dollars in profit from Remdesivir. Nice work, if you can get it.

Adverse side effects from Remdesivir are reported to be organ damage, high blood pressure and other negative factors, but Gilead stands to bring in two billion dollars in profit. Of course, Remdesivir is Doctor Anthony Fauxci’s miracle drug of preference! Of consequence, FDA approval of Remdesivir is being rushed through channels while Hydroxycloroquine, a proven medication that has been in use for three quarters of a century with no adverse side effects of consequence, is being sealed off in warehouses across the nation.

And Doctor Anthony Fauxci does not care so long as his bank account receives a healthy infusion of funds!

Would Doctor Anthony Fauxci do such a thing; refuse approval of Hydroxycloroquine that injects nothing into his bank account while people are dying while pushing Remdesivir that tests so far show minimal improvement over a five day period in patients with the Fauxci Virus? It is reported that Doctor Fauxci did exactly that back during the HIV crisis while Doctor Fauxci maneuvered to secure a patent on an anti-HIV treatment. After all, it was mostly people of brown and black skin in Africa who were dying and not Doctor Fauxci’s good friends of the Beltway Country Club Set. And we all know that the people in Third World Countries are of the non-essential variety.

So now President Donald J. Trump has announced that he has been taking Hydroxycloroquine for about two weeks as a preventative from the Fauxci Virus and House Speaker Botox Nan, who has previously wished President Donald J. Trump dead, is suddenly over concerned for President Trump’s health.

I wonder if Botox Nan owns stock in Gilead Industries.

Inquiring minds would like to know.

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