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Tandra Page 1663, NYC RIP

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

“How will you know when we have won?” Dagney Taggart asked John Galt in Ayn Rand’s monumental novel “Atlas Shrugged”. “We will know we have won when the lights of New York City go out.”

The lights of New York City have not yet gone out, but they are growing dimmer by the moment.

The New York Administration is absolutely and irreversibly bankrupt. New York cannot pay its bills. Governor Andrew (Death’s Head) Cuomo, Mayor Red Bill de Blasio and Senator Chuck (Walking Cadaver) Schumer are demanding the Trump Administration send the city and the state wheelbarrows overflowing with fiat paper currency so as to reward a hopelessly corrupt political establishment for generations of financial mismanagement.

To date, President Donald J. Trump has refused any paper bailout for the politicians and their cronies of New York City and State. Whether President Trump stands by his refusal or caves to the pressure remains to be seen.

But it matters little. This regime can drown New York with worthless paper and it will make little difference. New York City is toast. The remainder of the state has a chance for survival if New York City is allowed to sink into the black swamp of insolvency. Upstate New York is not the financial basket case of the same sort as New York City. Upstate New York is populated by Americans who mostly understand the basics of economics, that Americans cannot steal their way to financial prosperity.

New York City is, as I type this, presently a Third World Economy. New York City has made headlines by way of the high numbers of deaths blamed upon the Fauxci Virus, but the virus deaths are a red herring. By official decree, a huge percentage of the deaths reported have nothing to do with the Fauxci Virus. Pretty much the same number of persons would have died in New York City without the Fauxci Virus, only their numbers would not have been reported (and inflated) each evening on the Six O’clock News Broadcasts.

As stated above, New York City is a Third World Economy with a broken Third World Health Care System. Reports are out there that patients in New York City Hospitals die like flies from inadequate and incompetent care. In some cases patients are actually murdered by passing deadly infections patient to patient. Doctors are reported to having murdered sick patients in their care saying, “This patient is going to die anyway, so there is no reason to waste effort to keep him alive!” The New York City Health Care System is a “horror movie” by observation of numerous nurses who work there on the floors.

New York City deserves to die!

New York City continues to exist on emergency stimulation and it is time to pull the plug. Of course New York City will die but, over the ruins of what was once the greatest city in the world, can be constructed a greater and more vibrant city freed from the corruption and bad management that brought this former monument to freedom and innovation down to absolute ruin.

New York City is dead, brought down by graft and corruption. R. I. P.

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