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Tandra Page 1669, The Flip Side

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I have had some harsh things to say about Honest Abe Lincoln recently. If you are looking for me to apologize for my politically non-correct view concerning the Great Emancipator, you will still be waiting when Hell freezes over.

On the other hand, honesty demands I give the Devil, or even a war criminal, his due.

Were I a slave or had my ancestors suffered as slaves, and indeed I do have slaves in my family tree as do we all irrespective of pigmentation, I would be eternally grateful to the man who broke those chains and liberated me. And understand there are no perfect liberators in the Sons of Adam. All men born of woman are imperfect; we all have flaws. The only Liberator who lived a perfect life was Jesus, The Christ. Everyone else fell short of perfection including, of course, Honest Abe Lincoln.

Had my ancestors been among those who benefited from the Emancipation Proclamation, and indeed some of my ancestors were though my African blood is minimal as there are no thoroughbreds in the human race, we are all mongrels to every last person breathing on this planet, I would indeed hold reverence for Honest Abe Lincoln as would I for Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. for reason of what they did for my people. Whatever Honest Abe’s faults, whatever his motives, his Emancipation Proclamation was a good and noble thing for which he should be forever praised.

But I have also Southerners in my family tree of which I am quite proud, and also there are Yankees and abolitionists and slave owners and “Po’ White Trash” and chicken thieves and all manner of low life pond scum. My family tree is wide and varied. I am even, by convoluted blood line, related to the Great Emancipator himself!

I have no problem, indeed I approve whole heartedly of honouring Honest Abe Lincoln for the good he did including the Emancipation Proclamation, but neither do I overlook his war crimes nor do I favour refusing to acknowledge his primary motivation for the War nor to recognize his totalitarian agenda.

So long as people wish to honour Honest Abe Lincoln, including the Lincoln Memorial, his likeness on Mount Rushmore and the various monuments across this nation, I will applaud the good things Honest Abe accomplished. But when some historical revisionists attempt to make of Honest Abe the perfect saint he was not and particularly when attempt is made to demonize patriots in the South who fought against a totalitarian power grab, I will not remain silent.

I take pride in my Southern ancestors and will defend them until my final breath!

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