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Tandra Page 1673, Fauxci Lied, People Died!

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

In the 2006 movie “V For Vendetta”, a police inspector investigating the terrorist, the title character of the movie, comes across evidence related to the coming to power of the regime, evidence that has been suppressed by executive directive, and asks; “What would you do if you knew your government was directly responsible for the deaths of 150,000 if its citizens?”

I’ve modified the number of deaths in the quote above to correspond to the number of deaths attributed on line to the Americans reported to have died from the Fauxci Virus. We don’t factually know how many Americans have died from this virus. We know from fact and from Center For Disease Control Policy, as stated on the CDC web site, that the number of deaths from the Fauxci Virus are inflated. Inflation of the number of deaths is not a bug in the system. It’s a feature! When it comes down to it, we don’t know if anyone has died of the Fauxci Virus. We know people have died, or at least we suspect they have. People die of something all the time. But when people who are killed in motorcycle accidents are listed as having died of the Fauxci Virus and when the Beltway Regime has a policy of bribing financially desperate hospitals to qualify as many deaths as they can get away with as deaths from the Fauxci Virus, Americans have every reason to not trust numbers provided by a corrupt regime.

But what we can believe is that this regime has butchered over seventy million babies since Roe v Wade was made “Law Of The Land”. Even excluding the Fauxci Virus, that is a lot of blood...that is a river of blood.

I think was Good Ol’ Joseph Stalin who made comment; “A man who kills one person is a murderer while a man who kills a hundred thousand is a conqueror!” By those standards, this regime is on a campaign of conquest.

But, whatever the actual number of Americans who have died of the Fauxci Virus may be, this regime is determined the deaths should continue. The fear of death from the designated virus is a tool for subjugation the Ruling Elite refuses to relinquish. A nation frozen to inaction, of citizens hiding under their beds from terror, is a wet dream come true for our ruling elite. Little Anthony Fauxci loves to go to a ball game where he and his wife and friend are the only three in attendance.

To have this nation continue in a national state of panic, the ruling elite will do anything, including censor information that would end the threat of the Fauxci Virus pretty much over night. You have probably heard of hydroxycloroquine. This past Monday afternoon, a group of “frontline doctors” held a Press Conference on the steps of the National Capitol providing confirmation that hydroxycloroquine performs as advertised and that the campaign against this drug is made up of lies.

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter promptly removed videos of the press conference from their platforms. The doctors in the video are not fringe quacks. They are qualified physicians who deal with actual patients and have real world experience on the ground, unlike Little Anthony Fauxci who is an ivory tower computer hack who does not deal with real people and who has been wrong about almost everything that comes out of his mouth.

What is the problem with hydroxycloroquine? Hydroxycloroquine is a generic drug that is cheap. Hydroxycloroquine has been in general use for half a century with no critical side effects. But neither Bill Gates nor Little Anthony Fauxci are going to make one red cent off hydroxycloroquine. The Beltway Elite have their own drug of preference that has only marginal effect against the Fauxci Virus and has major downside problems, but it costs several thousand dollars per treatment and Gates and Fauxci stand to make a boat load of money from its use.

Thus it is that Facebook, YouTube and Twitter removed the Press Conference from their platforms to prevent Americans from realizing there is a cheap and effective drug available that can end the Fauxci Virus Panic over night.

Except that our ruling class does not wish to have the panic end. Panic and terror serve to advance the Liberal Regressive Agenda and to fundamentally transform this nation into a Communist Dystopian Hell Hole!

That is their vision for the future of this nation!

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