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Tandra Page 1673, Katie, Barr The Door!

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

On Tuesday last Attorney General William Barr went before House Judiciary Committee in Congress for an interview. The whole sorry mess was broadcast on cable television. I did not watch it!

But I had enough information as to how the thing went from sound clips I heard for much of the day yesterday and from comments made by those paid to do so on the Internet. From what I heard and from what I read, the interview sounded something akin to a unruly kindergarten class when the adults have left the room, except that pre-school age children without supervision are generally better behaved.

For his part, Attorney General Barr appeared to be the only adult in the room. That is not much of a compliment. It is sort of like saying a day old fish left out in the sun is not quite so rotten as a fish left out for a week. Have you ever been in a Wal-mart and seen spoiled brats running wild while an over-permissive parent tries to control her youngsters. Attorney General William Barr was the over-permissive parent.

It is difficult to comprehend that over-aged men could ever conduct themselves as we witnessed in Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee Interview. These people may have an accumulation of years, but no sane person can accuse them of being grown-ups, not under any circumstances whatsoever.

It is a given these people hate the President, they hate America and they hate Americans. But that does not excuse them behaving as seventy-year-range spoiled brats. You can hate someone with a purple passion and still conduct yourself with some self-restrained dignity. The Congresspersons on display Tuesday last have not the decorum nor good sense to be displayed in public, never mind to be elected to Congress. They should be in an institution for the mentally challenged for their own good and for the good of those around them. It is not these over-aged spoiled brats who are to be blamed. They are who they are.

The error lied with the people back home who had the poor judgment to elect these fools as their representatives in Congress. Shame on them for sending to Congress brain damaged old men to represent them. You people who voted these degenerates into office should hide your faces in shame!

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